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Black Anthology, first student-run cultural show to return to Edison, navigates pandemic restrictions to produce 32nd show

The production is “a cultural show that allows for a spotlight to be presented on issues that are of importance to Black students, using mediums of acting and dance to convey those themes,” show producer senior Sophia Kamanzi explained.

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Our favorite on-campus study spots

Since the pandemic, almost everyone has had to find new on-campus study spots. Olin Library isn’t open. Graham Chapel is filled with study cubbies. And now there are gigantic white tents invading Mudd Field. We compiled a list of our favorite spots to break away from the pandemic and get some work done in the […]

‘Men on Boats’ remembers explorers when history didn’t

“Men on Boats” doesn’t have men or boats, but have dynamic characters and clever set design.

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Black Rep’s season opener uses minimalism to maximize performances

Sept. 4 marked the opening of the Black Rep’s 43rd season with “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope,” a musical revue by Micki Grant. With very little dialogue between songs, “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope” provides a social commentary that is still relevant in 2019 despite a publication date in the early 1970.

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Blues for Mr. Charlie

This weekend is your last chance to see the riveting and thought-provoking “Blues for Mr. Charlie,” the legendary James Baldwin second and often overlooked play, put on by our very own Performing Arts Department in Edison Theatre.

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‘The Vagina Monologues’ to take over Graham Chapel

The women of Washington University speak out and give back this year by performing “The Vagina Monologues,” an award-winning play written by Eve Ensler that focuses on the female experience. “The Vagina Monologues” is a series of monologues that address everything from sex and love to rape and masturbation. This year, Wash. U.

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LNYF channels the Year of the Horse through skits, dances

Shrieks of joy and laughter broke the silence of Edison Theatre the moment two shimmering lions set foot—or paw, rather—onstage. As the creatures’ bodies looped and twirled, glittering against a blood-red backdrop, only the sneakers peeking out from beneath the fabric betrayed the students controlling their every move.

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Edison LINES up Alonzo King for the Weekend

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is returning to the Edison Theatre stage again after performing at the university in April 2006. As a contemporary African-American choreographer, Alonzo King provides a unique twist on the world of classical ballet.

Julia Zasso

Classical theatre returns to the Edison

The Edison Theatre Ovations Series continues with two performances on the theme of love this weekend, both performed by the Aquila Theatre Company. On Friday, they will tackle the classic French play “Cyrano de Bergerac,” a comedy following the exploits of a soldier whose only flaw seems to be his giant nose that constantly impedes his romantic pursuits.

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‘Jane Eyre’ kicks off the Edison Theatre season

The first show of a promising 40th season for the Edison Theatre begins this Friday with “Jane Eyre,” an experimental take on the famous novel by Charlotte Brontë. “Eyre” is part of the Edison Ovations Series, performances brought to the Edison Theatre in music, dance and theatre that promise to be cutting-edge and unlike anything else in St. Louis.

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