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Behind the scenes with the architects of the East End

Arriving at the completed 570,000-square-foot landscape took years of planning, design and construction, about $360 million dollars and multiple teams of architects.

| Senior Editor

‘We’re not gonna be quiet’: Students demand WUPD abolition

Carrying a banner that read “WUPD protects property, not people,” students marched from Brookings Hall to the South 40 to call on University administrators to defund and abolish the Washington University Police Department, Oct. 24.

| Senior News Editor

The most important meal of the day: Breakfast at Parkside

While breakfast may consist of simply grabbing a quick pastry and a coffee on the way to class for most of the Washington University community, the new Parkside Cafe on the East End is beginning to expand food options on campus to kick off students’ days.

| Senior Scene Editor

Green wall breathes life into East End’s new Weil Hall

The plant wall in the new Weil Hall on the East End has evoked delight and wonder in the Washington University community, forming a pop of lushness into a space largely characterized by minimalist, geometric aesthetics.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Sam Fox to open new building, re-open Kemper Art Museum for fall 2019

The Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts will re-open the Kemper Art Museum and open a new building for the 2019-2020 academic year Sept. 28.

| Senior News Editor

ThurtenE to return to original location and feature a visit from ‘Carnival Eats’

Washington University’s annual ThurtenE Carnival will be held in its original location near Francis Field April 11-13 and will feature a visit from Food Network’s show, “Carnival Eats.”

Kathleen White | News Editor

University identifies student found dead in construction site

Chancellor Mark Wrighton identified senior Shayel Patnaik as the student found dead in the East End construction site last Friday.

| Managing Editor

BREAKING: Student found dead in East End construction site

A student was found dead early Friday morning in the East End construction site, an email from Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White confirmed Friday afternoon.

| Managing Editor

Details of new parking plan finalized, announced

Washington University announced finalized specifics today for a new parking and transportation plan that will introduce zoned parking on campus.

| Editor-in-Chief

East End expansion adds additional academic building

Washington University announced plans to add the James S. McKelvey, Sr. Hall, which will house the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, to the planned East End expansion of Danforth Campus on Friday.

| Contributing Reporter

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