Details of new parking plan finalized, announced

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Washington University announced finalized specifics today for a new parking and transportation plan that will introduce zoned parking on campus.

The plan, details of which were released in early September, also revokes parking privileges for sophomores starting in the fall of 2017. The existing ban on freshmen having cars on campus will remain in place. While prices haven’t been set yet, the cost of a parking pass will also increase, Tara Bone, assistant vice chancellor for operations, said.

Parking on the Danforth, West and North Campuses will be split up into five zones—the East End Garage, the South Danforth Core, the North Danforth Core, the South 40 and Remote Parking, which will be housed on West and North Campus.

Students living in Residential Life or Quadrangle housing will be eligible to purchases passes in Zone 4, the South 40 zone, or Zone 5, the Remote Parking zones. All other students will only be able to purchase a pass for Zone 5. The zones would be enforced on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Red parking passes, which in the current system allow users to park anywhere as well as in specific red spots, will continue to be enforced at all times, even with zone parking.

Bone said that there will be a shuttle that runs from West Campus to the Danforth Campus every 15 minutes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays. She added that the timing will run opposite to the MetroLink so students will have multiple options for getting to campus.

The necessity for a shuttle, she said, came as a result of many conversations with students and student groups in the early planning process for the new system. She added that once the shuttle is implemented, they will reassess its effectiveness and adapt the hours if needed.

“We had some thoughts as to what the concerns would be going into the discussions when we met with the different groups over the last couple of months, and I think the good news is, the things we thought were going to be concerns ended up being concerns,” Bone said.

Another addition as a result of conversations with students is the creation of a number of unloading spots near the Millbrook Apartments and the Village to allow students to unload groceries and other items—so as not to have to carry them from their spaces on the South 40.

Bone added that there is a potential for a few parking spots in non-student parking zones to be available through lottery, but the number of spaces will depend on how construction on the East End, which will start in May 2017, affects parking.

These new policies will go into effect during the East End construction, leaving fewer spots available in Zone 1, but once construction is over a new underground garage will exist on that end of campus.

“We really wanted to make sure that we were creating a strategy that supported parking throughout the construction,” Bone said.

She added that the strategy will be slightly changed during construction due to disruption it may cause—most likely with shuttle and pickup spots in the area that may change after construction, as well as the amount of temporary parking in Zone 1.

Athletes’ schedules is one area that Bone said they are still working to understand and accommodate following conversations with coaches of all athletic teams.

“They’ve been very supportive in providing us information and helping us understand that there’s not much consistency between teams,” Bone said. “I think we still have some conversations that we need to have.”

One other avenue Bone said they are exploring is partnering with Uber to utilize their services on campus. She was unsure, however, of what form exactly that would take as conversations are in early stages.

While Bone said many groups on campus have been included in discussions about shaping the new plan, all details have not been figured out and they are very open to hearing student feedback.

“We still have work to do,” Bone said. “There are a lot details we don’t have the answers to yet, [but] we will communicate those when we have them.”

Additional reporting by Ella Chochrek.

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