drinking age

Old enough to hold a gun, too young to take a shot

Lowering the drinking age won’t immediately solve every drinking problem, but it’s the start of a cultural shift.

| Contributing Writer

Old enough to die, too young to drink

In the U.S., you’re considered old enough to make a conscious decision about laying your life down for the flag, yet not mature enough to drink.

| Staff Columnist

University presidents question drinking age

Since 1984, the federal drinking age has been 21 years old. However, more than 100 college presidents and chancellors recently have signed a petition asking lawmakers to reconsider the law.

| Staff Reporter

The drinking debate

You might have heard of the Amethyst Initiative—it’s been making the rounds of all of the big corporate news outlet lately. I first read about it last Wednesday in an Internet article from the Baltimore Inquirer, but scarcely 24 hours had passed before ABC, NBC and CNN were all echoing the story, as well as any other network which three otherwise unassuming letters could get their hands upon. The issue: alcohol.

| Staff Columnist

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