Jump right in: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

“How to Get Away with Murder,” Shonda Rimes’ freshman drama, returns tonight for the second half of its season. Here’s an easy guide to understanding the complex plot so that you can save your binge-catching-up for the weekend and watch without confusion!

| Staff Writer

Students explore social change through class theater performance

Members of a freshman floor grapple with issues like marijuana, Adderall, roommate struggles and pressure to join specific cultural groups—all the while preparing for an impending General Chemistry exam—in “Freshman Dis-Orientation,” a drama performed in the basement of Mallinckrodt Center.

Dylan Bassett | Contributing Reporter

‘The Originals’ TV pilot review

Though it may seem like interest in supernatural dramas is dying down, The CW is hoping to keep loyal viewers attached to the world of vampires with its latest premiere, “The Originals.” Viewers first got a look into the world of the original vampire family with a backdoor pilot in the last season of “The Vampire Diaries.

| Caroline Gutbezahl | Staff Writer

‘The Blacklist’ review

Now is not a great time for network dramas—just look at the lack of network shows in the Outstanding Drama Series category at this year’s Emmys.

| TV Editor

Performing Arts Department announces 2013-2014 season

2013-14 is a big year for Washington University’s Performing Arts Department. Whether attending one or all of the myriad productions performed by the PAD, audience members can expect a perfect blend of pure enjoyment and intellectual stimulation—not that the two are or have ever been mutually exclusive. Below is a list of the shows to expect, along with descriptions.

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