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Washington University buys nine Delmar Loop properties in largest land grab yet

Several St. Louis news sources announced yesterday that Washington University purchased nine properties on the Delmar Loop from Joe Edwards, a longtime St. Louis property owner, at the end of 2022. The University, now one of the district’s largest property owners, acquired two parking lots and seven buildings, including the well-known Pin-Up Bowl, a bowling alley near campus.

| Senior News Editor

Rooted in St. Louis: The creation of a campus forest

One of the misconceptions we have about nature is that we are somehow separate from it, that we can organize humans into one box and nature into another us. Humans like to think of ourselves as special, and the idea of unadulterated wilderness is an appealing myth. Yet, to truly grasp nature, we have to put ourselves in it, to understand our role as a part of that system.

| Staff Writer

It’s getting warmer outside: We have five underrated outdoor spots for you to check out.

Temperatures are going up, but it’s still a pandemic. That means people are flooding the East End, the tables outside of the DUC and the picnic tables near the Clocktower. On a sunny weekday, sometimes it feels like you can’t find a chair outside anywhere on campus. We’ve got you covered.

Our favorite on-campus study spots

Since the pandemic, almost everyone has had to find new on-campus study spots. Olin Library isn’t open. Graham Chapel is filled with study cubbies. And now there are gigantic white tents invading Mudd Field. We compiled a list of our favorite spots to break away from the pandemic and get some work done in the […]

University COVID alert level increases to orange as St. Louis sees an uptick in cases; campus infection rate remains low

The Danforth campus COVID-19 dashboard alert level returned to orange, or high alert this week. The high alert indicates that few on-campus activities will occur, and students and faculty should proceed with a high degree of caution.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Reporter

WU places 1,300 employees on furlough pending final decision about fall semester

Facing revenue loss and an uncertain fall semester, Washington University began the process of furloughing approximately 1,300 employees this week.

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Breaking down barriers: The state of accessibility on the Danforth Campus

Many people with physical disabilities, especially those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, cannot enter campus buildings without accessible entrances, the majority of which are residence halls.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Student accused in Student Life op-ed has access to campus restricted

The student accused of physically assaulting the author of an anonymous op-ed published in Student Life April 16 is only allowed to be on the Washington University Danforth Campus to attend class and take exams, “pending completion of formal adjudication.”

Emma Baker | News Editor

Lack of information leads to campus-wide confusion

For the third time since the end of March, an emergency notice alerted members of the Washington University community Wednesday about the presence of a weapon on University property. But while the previous two alerts notified about developing situations on the North and Medical Campuses, Wednesday’s concerned the Danforth Campus, home to all undergraduates and the majority of graduate students.

and | Senior Editors

Bon Appetit worker shot in forearm, campus on lockdown for over an hour

The Danforth Campus went on lockdown for over an hour yesterday after a shooting on Forsyth Boulevard left a Bon Appetit employee with a gunshot wound to her forearm.

| Editor-in-Chief

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