Goodbye South 40: A senior’s reflections on college

As I depart my South 40 dorm each day for the next four weeks before the final time I close the door, I’ll likely find myself becoming more and more reminiscent as my undergraduate years come to an end. But for now, I’ll hold off on staring longingly and romantically out onto the South 40 from a window (until the inevitable sound of a fire alarm or a shouted obscenity) and try instead to spend as much time as possible with the people for whom I will never be able to truly express the extent of my gratitude and love.

| Staff Writer

A senior’s reflections on change

In making social movements trending topics online, we also somewhat dissociate from their reality, making the activism itself dependent on algorithms and a majority stance. But we can’t afford to repeatedly relearn everything we committed so much reeducation to in 2020.

| Senior Forum Editor

Staff Editorial: COVID-19 surge: We need free testing and clearer guidelines

This situation demands a more coordinated response than what the WashU administration has given thus far.

Reminiscing on the pandemic

During the initial COVID shutdown and for the ensuing year, there was the never-before opportunity to physically slow down. This will sound strange, but bear with me: those months were some of the most enjoyable of my college experience.

| Class of 2023

COVID — and Long COVID — are still here

Long COVID takes different forms in different people. As a faculty member who is only now recovering from Long COVID symptoms that I’ve had for almost a year, I can assure you that all of these forms are unpleasant.

| Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Students request increased guidance from administration on COVID cases

WashU’s COVID guidelines remain unchanged from the fall semester despite an increase in COVID cases. Students have voiced a need for more guidance regarding COVID protocols and quarantining processes.

| Contributing Writer

COVID Day-In-My-Life: Five days deep

I was lucky to have gotten COVID at a time where I was able to sustain myself for several days without leaving my dorm room.

| Junior Scene Editor

Staff Editorial: WashU’s COVID accommodations are failing students

We understand that WashU, like other universities, is in a difficult spot with limited housing and uncertainty on what the future may hold. However, if the University refuses to make accommodations, the onus falls on students to make them — and it shouldn’t.

Booster shot remains strongly recommended, new COVID housing policies for fall

This year, the Habif Health and Wellness Center at Washington University continues to strongly recommend the booster. At the same time, Washington University is loosening COVID-19 quarantine and isolation policies. 

| Contributing Writer

COVID Housing Overwhelmed as Cases Spike

This semester saw the highest COVID rates on campus since the pandemic began, which led the University to put students in overflow isolation housing.

and | Junior News Editors

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