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Staff Editorial: Our Spring 2023 class recommendations

As the excitement around Thanksgiving Break grows, it can be easy to lose track of another impending deadline: class registration. Whether you have poured over course listings and have a robust list of classes or this article is your wake up call to poke around the course listings, the Student Life Editorial Board is here to help. 

Staff editorial: Fall 2019 class recommendations

Our Editorial Board has gathered a list of courses we recommend in order to provide a reference for those struggling to fill their registration worksheet.

On the benefits of academic exploration

Exploring different courses and pushing yourself to understand that which is outside of your current frame of reference can help you ultimately understand people that are different from yourself.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Course listings need more substance

The editorial board of Student Life urges the Wash. U. administration to put better policies into place that require professors and departments to list more detailed descriptions of how classes will be run, whether through previous syllabi or a document outlining what the class will be structured like (effectively a less finished syllabus).

Release of business school course listings delayed

The Olin Business School’s course listings for the fall 2016 semester were unavailable for students on Feb. 22 when the list was released for the rest of the undergraduate schools.

Prajwal Keranahalli | Contributing Reporter

WU course listings go paperless

Flipping through the course catalog is soon to be a thing of the past. As of next semester, course listings will be exclusively available online via and through a link on WebSTAC. Coupled with the change is an online course listings redesign, which will be launched Oct. 1, according to the notice on WebSTAC.

| News Manager

Nothing is set

Last week, course listings for the Spring 2012 semester came out. There was a wide variety of responses to this momentous occasion. Some were excited to see what was being offered; some were worried about what classes they would be taking. After that initial wave, everyone’s reactions boiled down to the same general one: How am I best going to plan out my life?

| Senior Forum Editor

Syllabi now in course listings with more features to come

Course listings just got a little more interesting. This semester, certain course descriptions in the WUCrsL course listings contain links to the syllabi for those classes. This is the first of three phases of eSyllabi, which aims to create a central repository of all syllabi for students to reference before registering for classes.

| Associate Editor

SU creating Web site for posting class syllabi

Student Union Senators Joseph Marcus and Jake Novick have invented ​SyllabiCentral, a Web site that gathers syllabi from different University courses in one central location in order to give students a better sense of what classes offer.

| Staff Reporter

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