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An ode to time, and the lack thereof

College has attuned me to the inherent poverty of time. My deadlines are debts I must pay back, and the late penalties are brutal interest.

| Staff Writer

Fossil Free WashU rally encourages student action: ‘Divest, divest, put fossil fuels to the rest!’

Green Action, a student group focused on environmental justice and advocacy, held a rally calling on Washington University to divest from fossil fuels as a part of its Fossil Free WashU campaign, Oct. 27.

| Junior News Editor

‘What happened in New York could happen here’: Climate change and Hurricane Ida’s impact on the WU community

Fallout from Hurricane Ida is forcing the WU community to reckon with the impact of climate change.

Isabella DiGenova | Contributing Reporter

‘Failing to act urgently is unreasonable’: Cori Bush calls for racial justice at WU climate change dialogue

Congresswoman Cori Bush and other community leaders discussed methods for combatting climate change in MO at a Washington University and UMSL hosted panel

| Staff Reporter

Campus Crossfire debate highlights political differences between WU students

The 2020 Campus Crossfire debate featured a fast-paced discussion with few areas of overlap between representatives from the College Democrats and College Republicans.

Em McPhie | Senior News Editor

Fossil Free WashU calls for the University to ‘break up’ with fossil fuels this Valentine’s Day

Fossil Free WashU celebrated National Day of Divestment, Feb. 13, with “Break Up with Fossil Fuels,” a rally calling for Washington University to “break up with” and divest from fossil fuels.

| Senior News Editor

Student Union wades into political waters with constitutional amendment

Student Union Senate and Treasury unanimously passed an amendment to the Student Union Constitution allowing Senate and Treasury to address a wider range of political issues, Oct. 1.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Staying you in the climate crisis

Whether your stress outlet is shopping, eating, or if you’re me, cleaning and exercising, there are ways to rethink small actions in ways that can benefit the very environmental crisis that is making us stressed.

Ali Gold | Senior Editor

“Stand up, fight back”: Students rally at climate strike

Dozens of students marched in the St. Louis Climate strike, Sept. 20, to campaign for climate justice, Sept. 20.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Staff Editorial: Enough excuses, it’s time for action: Divest from fossil fuels

Our school’s choices of how it invests its money matters not just to the students, staff, faculty and communities with which the university interacts on a daily basis, but to the world as well.

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