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Dining Service Changes

Dining Services closed Etta’s Micro-Mart, the self-service food market in Steinberg Hall, on Wednesday, August 17, for an unspecified amount of time. A Farmer’s Fridge vending machine is now available in the same space at all hours. 

| Junior News Editor

Bergson’s best: Rating the cafe’s fall drinks

Over the last few weeks, I have sampled all three of Café Bergson’s special fall beverages. Here are my ratings.

| Managing Editor

A week of eating exploration: Reviewing five campus dining options

I started my week by eating at the grill in Bauer Hall. With a growling stomach after a long dance class, the grill’s 20-minute wait time was almost too much to bear.

| Contributing Writer

What to expect from WU dining this semester: New cafes, closures and other changes on campus

As Washington University’s campus opened up for the fall semester, students experienced a new array of dining options.

| Managing Editor

WU seniors launch expansion of Brown School’s Bear Bites food pantry to support all students

The Bear Bites food pantry, which was previously only accessible to social work students, will now be available to any student, regardless of need

| Managing Editor

Why the WU Admissions fitness posts were problematic

Yes, Wash. U. dining and fitness facilities are both excellent. But we shouldn’t use exercise to ‘make up for’ the campus food we eat.

| Senior Editor

From behind the plexiglass: The people who make up the Bear’s Den

No matter how many booths are blocked off by blue tape, the people who make BD what it is are still there.

and | Staff Writers

WU brings new taste to campus with Stanley’s Sushi and Tea House

I never visited the old Stanley’s. Something about the place scared me. I think it was the aggressive cafeteria vibes: the green plastic chairs, the rectangular plastic table tops the beige tiled floor. I felt like I was back in high school. I wasn’t the only one either. For the last few years, the Lopata […]

| Senior Scene Editor

Eating on the East End: A look at the new Parkside Cafe

New campus buildings tend to draw a varied mixture of interest, admiration and criticism from Washington University students, a pattern that once again revealed itself after the sleek new Parkside Cafe opened as part of the broader East End campus construction on August 13.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

The Bear’s Den Philly steak sandwich is the real deal

The idea of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich made outside the city of Philadelphia just doesn’t sit right with them. I admit, I was skeptical of the Bear’s Den Philly when I first got it. That skepticism faded away two bites in.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Editor

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