Behind WashU Dining

WashU Dining serves thousands of students daily across BD, the Village, and the DUC. Student Life’s Junior Multimedia Editor Sanchali Pothuru joined the team as they prepared for a Wednesday lunch rush on campus.

| Junior Multimedia Editor

24 Hours in Bear’s Den: The Challenge No One Asked For

For 24 consecutive hours, sophomores Ally Mediratta and Saish Satyal stayed in the dining hall, Bear’s Den (BD), without leaving for any reason

and | Contributing writer, Staff Writer

Accommodations and anxiety: Navigating WU Dining Services with food allergies

As a high school senior touring colleges last spring, I distinctly remember walking into the DUC at Washington University in St. Louis and seeing colorful posters hanging from the ceiling: “No. 3 Best Campus Food, Princeton Review.” As someone who has managed food allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish for my entire life, I wondered how accurate this statement would be for me. 

| Contributing Writer

From behind the plexiglass: The people who make up the Bear’s Den

No matter how many booths are blocked off by blue tape, the people who make BD what it is are still there.

and | Staff Writers

Op-ed submission: The unsung heroes of Wash. U.

You might not always see them, but the staff at Washington University and all college campuses allow students to thrive and do their best every day.

Jack Zuckerman | Class of 2020

CS40 hosts second Bear’s Den appreciation week to celebrate staff, includes community service element, awareness about recent unionization efforts

Congress of the South 40 hosted its second annual Bear’s Den Appreciation Week—a week of students celebrating the Bear’s Den staff—from Feb. 20 through Feb. 24, incorporating a community service component and providing students with information about unionization efforts for the first time.

| Staff Reporter

Campus TVs need more channel diversity: Some suggestions

Most Washington University students are probably familiar with the TVs that are constantly showing sports games and news channels in the Danforth University Center and Bear’s Den. There’s ESPN, Fox and Fox News, and the occasional NBC channel shown…but what else?

Forum Staff

Greek party restrictions leave students frustrated

Restrictions on Greek parties have left some students frustrated when trying to plan events. While over a third of students participate in Greek life, a strict policy limits the number of social events that can be held in one night.

Rachel Katzin | Contributing Reporter

Experimental food station in Bear’s Den brings new dishes to students

In an effort to increase student involvement in the recipe testing process, Dining Services is premiering an experimental food station in Bear’s Den.

| Contributing Reporter

BD Employee to appear on Top Chef

When Wash. U. students tune in to the newest season of “Top Chef” this fall, they might be surprised to see a familiar face onscreen. Bravo announced the newest batch of competitors for the show’s 11th season on Saturday, and among the competing chefs is Wash. U. Dining Services’ very own Catherine Jackson. Jackson splits her time between Ursa’s and the ¡OSO Good!

Lady Fieri | Food programming editor

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