BLM activism extends to on-campus behavior

Online activism can only take you so far.

Jamila Dawkins | Forum Editor

I’m tired and I shouldn’t have to explain why

I am tired of having to explain to people what it feels like to be Black in America and why they should care. Silence speaks louder than words, and the silence from people who claim to be allies in the struggle against racism is deafening.

| Senior Editor

Marginalized people don’t need SJWs, we need allies

In theory, being a social justice warrior should be a good thing. One would think that this person is supposed to be the one who advocates for the well-being of all, specifically those who are typically marginalized in society.

| Senior Forum Editor

Trans* Week highlights need for improvement

For junior Wolf Smith, who is fluid between multiple gender identities, the choice between the male and female restroom is not so easy. The co-founder and co-facilitator of Transcending Gender prefers to use gender-neutral restrooms, but those can be difficult to locate on the Washington University campus.

| News Editor

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