Night two of the Olin Games

| Senior Scene Editor

The three remaining tributes proved far more resilient than their fallen peers, spending a second night in their new home and steadfastly refusing to leave it in disgrace. If these brave tributes remain by tomorrow night, I will intervene—stay tuned to see what that looks like — Sam Seekings (aka President Snow)


I returned to my home base last night to find two other people studying in my room. I decided patience would serve me better than looking for a new spot. I honestly cannot stress enough how prime this location is, so I did homework for some time and, when I had nothing else that absolutely had to get done, I watched “The Office” until my companions left.

Unfortunately my patience came at the expense of my sleep. My waiting game, however, did not cut into my rest nearly as much as my plain inability to fall asleep. The chairs I had set myself up in seemed to reflect and amplify my body heat until it felt more like I was resting in a sauna more than a study room. Light flooded into my eyes like never before and even after taking a melatonin I couldn’t fall asleep for what felt like ages.

I woke up at 9 a.m. once again and longed for nothing more than a minute or two or 60 more of sleep. However, more sleep was not in the stars for me, as I had to go to the computer lab in Seigle Hall to work on a homework assignment. My computer broke the week before classes started and I am currently working off of my sister’s old Chromebook until my computer either gets fixed or replaced. After that I headed over to Sumers Recreation Center for a brief workout and cold shower before grabbing lunch and heading to my classes for the day.

After I finished my classes I had to grab an early dinner at 4 p.m. because my work shift starts at 5 p.m., which normally wouldn’t be an issue except this week it meant that my fast for Yom Kippur is starting early. Now I’m finishing up my work for the day and doing my best to think of neither my bed nor food. Soon I will be heading back to Olin for another night among the books. At least President Snow has made plans to bring Settlers of Catan to the library tonight.


I stuck to my guns last night and returned to the place I have always slept before; the second floor. I put two ottomans between two cloth chairs, added an extra layer of couch cushions over the top and my bed was made. Since starting this venture I’ve mastered the art of staring down rude onlookers. I’m fine if you ogle, but if your face looks even remotely put off by my decision to sleep somewhere abnormal, I’m going to stare you down. I didn’t get as much sleep as I’d hoped, but admittedly slept better than the first night. This morning a kind security guard asked how I slept and said she laughed when she saw my set-up last night, claiming that I really went for it. I cut it close to get to class, but walked out in style wearing my business casual pencil skirt. There’s a dress code at the lab I work at, so I looked abnormally nice for someone residing in a library.

I took a nap after the lab session that really weakened my resolve. I simply felt awful. And before that the vending machine refused to give me my Reese’s Pieces because that’s just how things have gone lately. I honestly think this is doing damage to my eyes because even a slightly bright place hurts them. I miss darkness. And my bed. And my roommate. And my couch. And privacy. And a brain that’s not sleep-deprived.

I’m lifeguarding until 8:45 p.m. tonight at the Athletic Center, which I’m actually looking forward to. I’ll get to see my regulars, pretend everything is fine, it’s fine. I’ll be able to shower afterwards. If anything, it’s an excuse to change into clean clothes (my uniform).

I still haven’t gotten a parachute yet, which is disappointing but whatever (@PresidentSnow). I’m sure I’ll get it later tonight. One thing I will say though is that I wish I had a Peeta. A purpose. Or a Rue. Where is my person to give all of my attention to and fall in love with. Josh and Dorian hide from me. Everyone that said they’d visit simply have not. Why am I doing this?


Home is where the moveable bookshelves are.

Accusations that I hide from Katy are fake news. Last night was mostly uneventful. I added another chair to my set up so I can set my laptop on it. Slowly, I’ve started to feel right at home in the bowels of Olin Library. Occasionally, someone will walk past me, unaware of this experiment. Like clockwork, they stare at me like I’m an exhibit in a human zoo. Little do they know what I am doing is more absurd than that.

I woke up at 5 a.m., incredibly vitalized. I honestly felt like I could run a mile right then. But I forced myself back to sleep, knowing that I was going to have an absolutely miserable day if I didn’t.

After that false start, I woke up for real at 8:15 a.m. I live in the farthest reaches of the South 40, so on a normal day I leave at 8 a.m. to get to my 8:30 a.m. class. This morning, I stopped at Whispers Cafe at 8:24 a.m. for an espresso and an orange and I still managed to make it to class by 8:34 a.m. My sacrifice of my tempurpedic mattress at the altar of the Olin gods was rewarded with shorter walk times. Seems fair.

I was still tired in class, but that just means it was a weekday at this point. After class, I returned to the basement for a nap then started on my homework. This game has made me a more efficient human being. I came in looking for glory, but I believe that I have reached transcendence, or at least become transcendent-adjacent.

I had a sub for lunch, then took another nap. My life has become a endless cycle of eat, sleep, work. Before, my life was an endless cycle of eat, sleep, walk to the 40, work. I miss getting my steps, in all honesty.

Tonight, I must return to the South 40 for a Congress of the South 40 meeting. The Siren song of my bed will be extremely loud and alluring. But the call to victory will be even louder!

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