STRFKR to headline spring Gargoyle concert

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Electronic indie-rock group STRFKR will headline Social Programming Board’s spring Gargoyle concert, SPB announced Sunday evening.

As usual, the show, held on April 9, will be free for students. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m.

Concerts director and sophomore Clayton Weirick noted that the group was ranked first on the student survey, which listed 10 possible artists for the show.

“Usually we want to go with the top of our list, and in this case, we did; [we] happened to land on our first choice the first time, so we’re lucky to have them,” Weirick said.

Another artist SPB considered was AlunaGeorge, who ranked third on the student survey, but STRFKR panned out first.

Weirick was very happy to announce the headliner today as a culmination of his team’s work.

“I’m super excited, because it’s not often that we get our first choice like this and that it comes together as easily as it did,” Weirick said. “Announcing today makes me so excited because it’s so tangible. Everything before this, it’s funny to think, you’re just putting things in motion, but nothing is really coming together yet, just a lot of emails involved, but on a day like this, letting everyone know that it’s a thing, just gets me really excited.”

Students familiar with STRFKR’s work were generally happy about the choice of band.

“I guess you could say I endorse STRFKR performing in the Gargoyle. I am only really familiar with their ‘Jupiter’ album, but I remember liking it. Their quirky band name is also a huge plus. If you like indie-electro bands, you’ll probably enjoy this show,” sophomore Nick Machak said.

Other students, such as freshman Adam Becker, weren’t aware of the band but were not disappointed with its selection.

“I’m confused as to why we got them, but I would definitely check them out now that I know,” Becker said.

The concert’s opener will be announced later this week as contracts are finalized.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with student reactions to the announcement.

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