Eric Andre to headline fall SPB comedy show

Sulan Pathiranage | Contributing Reporter

Comedian Eric Andre will headline the fall comedy show, sponsored by Social Programming Board in Graham Chapel, Oct. 28.

Andre is best known his parody talk show, “The Eric Andre Show” on Adult Swim. His co-star, Hannibal Buress, performed in the Social Programming Board (SPB)’s fall comedy show in 2017. Andre also voiced Azizi in “The Lion King” remake.

Courtesy of the United Talent Agency

Currently, Andre is traveling for his global standup “Legalize Everything Tour.” He sold out The Pageant Oct. 4.

Andre was a top choice on the comedy show survey SPB released in order to assess student demand for certain performers. SPB was able to secure his performance following the survey results.

“I think we’re expected [to have] a really good, positive reception to him,” SPB’s comedy director senior Chelsea Ifeadike said. “He’s performed pretty highly on the survey in the past couple of years, and people have always been excited to see his name on the survey. For us to finally get him, I think, will be pretty fun.”

Overall, students are excited for Andre’s performance.

“I do love ‘The Eric Andre Show’ and he’s a great comedian,” freshman Nilay Jakati said. “I’ll definitely be excited if I [can] go.”

SPB president junior Adin Ehrlich feels confident about student enthusiasm for Andre.

“I’ve talked to some people I know, and during the reveal, I was hearing a lot of positive feedback. He’s one of the bigger stars in comedy, especially with his show, and I think that will bring a lot of people out,” Ehrlich said.

Outside of his talk show, Andre is known for his presence in meme culture. He is featured prominently in many image macros, including images imposed with “Let me in,” “Why would you say something so controversial” and “Why would [blank] do this?” Some students only recognize Andre’s face from memes.

“I know who he is, but I admittedly don’t know that much about him at all, but I know the whole meme with the ‘Let me in,’ but that’s about all I have,” junior Lauren Kang said. “He was a recognizable face, so [I am] excited to see that.”

SPB expects a large turnout, especially with Andre’s name recognition.

“I think the past few comedy shows we’ve been able to bring some pretty big names, and so I think it’s increased the popularity of the show itself,” Ehrlich said. “Through that, it’ll bring an even bigger crowd, because it’s a good opportunity to take a break and just watch someone that’ll make you laugh.”

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