‘More than just the workout’: BearFit classes switch to online format

Although gyms may be closed, that doesn’t mean students can’t do their favorite workouts right in the comfort of their homes.

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Staff Writer

Do your part to flatten the curve: Habif shares healthy habits, advice

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak and the spring semester seemingly in disarray, it can be hard to focus on anything aside from impending doom, and maybe your midterm next Tuesday.

Caleb Liu | Contributing Writer

Spring in St. Louis: Best break activities based on your favorite campus locations

With Spring Break right around the corner, campus is abuzz with talk of tropical getaways and cross-country road trips.

Samra Haseeb | Contributing Writer

Four simple items that make sustainable college living easy, affordable

Wake up. Turn the bedside lamp on. Brush teeth. Buy coffee at Whispers Cafe. Go to class. Eat a snack. Stop by the bookstore. It’s a fairly mundane morning routine at Washington University.

Ali Gold | Senior Editor

Interfaith Celebration provides inclusive space for religious understanding

“What is a belief or practice from your faith that you treasure?”

Samra Haseeb | Contributing Writer

Stop swiping, start typing: Datamatch brings love to WU for second year

February may be just beginning, but love is in the air. If you’re older than a freshman or just really into the online dating scene, then you might be familiar with Datamatch, a free matchmaking service for college students that started at Harvard University but has now spread to over 25 different institutions nationwide.

Samra Haseeb | Contributing Writer

Practical new year’s resolutions: Small ways to reach your goals

Although you might still accidentally write “2019” when putting the date at the top of documents, it’s finally 2020. And with every new year comes new resolutions. We create admirable goals that we think will improve our lives and, at least for a second, feel that this will finally be the year we achieve them.

| Senior Scene Editor

‘Sustainable and green’: WU continues to pursue LEED certifications

Sustainability on campus continues to be a pressing issue for many students. Students are cognizant of the amount of compost and recycle bins on campus, as well as how sustainable they personally are. But has anyone ever wondered about the actual environment that they are learning in?

Marc Ridgell | Contributing Writer

Study tips for those that don’t want to do work over Thanksgiving break

Gobble, gobble! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a week of freedom with zero work stress, zero classes and a ton of Netflix time (The Crown is out!). Except, what about after Thanksgiving? We have one week of classes, then finals are aggressively upon us. As a result, I always take advantage of the week preceding Thanksgiving break to get a head start on any final projects, essays or exams.

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Armour and String Theory’s “Learn to Stitch” event celebrates sustainable fashion

With the days becoming colder and finals looming in the near future, I had been thinking about how nice it would be to bury myself into a traditional and cozy craft. Luckily, String Theory was way ahead of me. In their recent “Learn to Stitch” event, they showcased the merits of needlecraft as both a sustainable activity and something just plain fun.

Lydia McKelvie | Contributing Writer

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