Students and faculty adjust to an online learning environment as the semester kicks off virtually

Washington University concluded the semester’s first two weeks of online classes Friday, marking the first time most courses have been fully remote since Spring 2021. For many students, the return to remote learning signified a rocky start to the semester.

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As spring semester approaches, WU professors must decide between hosting classes online, in-person or hybrid

Professors across Washington University were required to declare by Nov. 6 whether they will conduct their classes online, hybrid or in-person for the spring 2021 semester.

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Faculty and students adjust to online and hybrid classes, note drawbacks and benefits

While classes are ramping up after a whirlwind first week, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced faculty and students alike to be flexible and cautious in order to stay safe.

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Uncertainties for overseas students include TA payment, access to online course materials

As a unique semester begins to take shape, many questions remain unanswered for the unprecedented contingent of students taking classes from outside of the United States.

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Summer school coordinators work to ‘maximize learning’ in transition to online format

With the announcement that summer classes at Washington University will be fully online, course offerings and academic resources are being updated to suit the remote learning environment.

Sulan Pathiranage | Staff Reporter

Future of the fall semester remains uncertain

Washington University administrators are deciding whether to return to in-person instruction, continue distance learning or find a different solution altogether.

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SU president collaborates with student governments across the nation to advocate for accommodations in graduate school admissions process

With many students’ lives disrupted or completely upended by the COVID-19 crisis, many have taken advantage of the University’s recently-expanded pass/fail policies.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

COVID-19 outbreak poses difficulty for students seeking summer and post-graduate opportunities

With much of the country on lockdown and the economy heading towards a recession, many graduating seniors feel they are entering the workforce at an inopportune time.

Ellie Ito | Staff Reporter

As summer study abroad programs are canceled, the future of fall study abroad remains unclear

The Department of Overseas Programs at Washington University is making day-by-day decisions as to whether fall 2020 study abroad programs will be able to continue as planned, in part due to if travel restrictions will be lifted in time.

Jessica Bigley | Staff Reporter

Arts & Sciences investigates Physics 192 academic integrity breach

The office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and the Physics Department are currently investigating an incident in which Physics 192 exam solutions were posted on Chegg during the exam period.

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