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Three recipes to try in your new apartment 

Living in an apartment comes with all sorts of changes. For many, moving off campus means committing to making your own food and no longer relying on the convenience of Bear’s Den or Paws and Go. To help with this transition, I compiled three of my own recipes that are perfect for first-time apartment dwellers and first-time cooks alike.

| Staff Writer

Don’t be afraid of traditional dorms

Every tour of Washington University finds its way to the South 40. Prospective students stop at the Clocktower, are shown a modern double, and likely — if you are like either of us — admire how new and nice it is.

However, hidden from every prospective student — and even from some less adventurous first-years — are the traditional dorms.

and | Staff Writer, Head of Design

Lessons from a brief stint of living alone

Let me preface: I have a distinct fear (likely enhanced by two shifts in quarantine housing freshman year) of living alone.

| Editor-in-Chief

EDURain: your one-stop-shop for off-campus housing

EDURain started out as a tool to make filing FAFSA simpler and faster, but as the company explored the higher education space, they realized that about half of all student debt comes from housing.

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Administrative assignment is not the end of the world

If that perfect suite just isn’t coming together, please: try not to worry too much about it. Because really, we’re all going random.

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How to find Non-University Housing

Wash. U. may have some of the best college housing out there, but not everyone wants to stay in it for four years. As nice as University housing is, non-University housing can offer more options, flexibility and affordability. You can find a single apartment, a six-person house and tons of options in between. You can […]

Josh Zucker | Associate Editor

Getting Around: Public Transport Across St. Louis

When making the move to live off-campus, many Washington University students tend to look no farther than the closest neighborhoods to campus, limiting their search to University City. This search comes out of a wish for convenience, with students often not having cars to commute to and from campus. However, students should not fear a […]

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Student Life’s new housing guide

Student Life’s new housing guide

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