The Road to Black Anthology: Installment 2

Black Anthology hosted the viewing of a movie as an “Ode to Ntozake Shange” this past Thursday, Nov. 29 in McMillan Hall.

Katie Bry | Digital Contributor

The Road to Black Anthology: Installment 1

Black Anthology will run Feb. 1 and 2. Up until then, StudLife will be covering the lead-up to the show in a new series, “Road to Black Anthology.”

Katie Bry | Digital Contributor

This week in WU history: Elections, milk thieves and students taped to walls

November has proven to be a historically wild time for the Washington University campus, according to the Student Life archives.

Kya Vaughn | Contributing Writer

WU sprinklers guarantee no sunny days

Good hair day? Well, not anymore, so long as the sprinklers have it their way, and they always do.

Kya Vaughn and Mimi Shang | Digital Contributors

On the Pittsburgh shooting: We can all do better in the face of hate

I recently wrote an article titled “On the Pittsburg shooting: These are not isolated incidents,” which has gained a lot of controversy because of how I phrased my point. I want to clarify some of what I said, as many have perceived what I was saying in a way in which I did not intend.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

On the Pittsburgh shooting: These are not isolated incidents

On Oct. 27, 11 people were shot dead in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Much of the response that I have been seeing from many on social media has been shock and surprise that this kind of horrific anti-Semitism can exist in today’s world. Well, welcome to America.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

How to prep for cold weather: Washington University edition

If you’re a Washington University student seeking guidance on how to seamlessly blend in on campus in preparation for the cold weather, look no further!

Mimi Shang | Digital Contributor

A tale of two performances: ‘Rocky Horror’ at Edison and the Tivoli

In honor of the double feature, I’m going to take a look at the history of the stage show and compare it to the more widely known “Picture Show” version that gives the story its cult status.

Justin Ziegelmueller | Digital Contributor

Five cryptids you’ve definitely encountered on campus

It’s undeniable that there’s a distinct paranormal outlandishness about in the air when autumn hits, and although you probably haven’t spotted a ghost heading to class yet, you’ve probably crossed paths with the aftereffects of some other Washington University ghouls.

HN Hoffmann | Contributing Writer

Local news roundup Oct. 20

Missed out on local news over fall break? Catch up with our weekly roundup.

Katie Bry | Contributing Reporter

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