Hotchner Festival puts on three unique and thought-provoking plays

The Hotchner Festival brought three student plays to the stage this weekend.

| Contributing Writer

The Black Rep’s ‘Sweat’ is more than just a season opener

“Sweat” puts the role of the working-class individual under a microscope and asks us the question: What would you do if you had to fight to survive?

| Senior Social Media Editor

Thyrsus’ Day of Shame creates theatrical magic in 24 hours

Participants in Thyrsus’ event love the chance for experimentation and low-stakes commitments to theater.

| Staff Writer

After receiving the go-ahead for in-person theater, the PAD is full steam ahead

After experimenting with outdoor theater last spring, the Performing Arts Department is back indoors this fall.

| Managing Editor

The Black Rep’s ‘HOME’ is filmed theatre done right

Virtual theatre is hit or miss, but the Black Rep’s “HOME” successfully captures the feeling of a live performance.

| Senior Editor

The final two productions in the Homecoming Voices collection, “Amateurs” and “Fear is a Gift,” take the stage with productions of vulnerability

The final two Homecoming Voices virtual plays premiered over the weekend, bringing emotional material to an awkward performance.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

AST returns to Brookings’ outside stage with ‘Jerry Finnegan’s Sister’

All Student Theatre members have been rehearsing, building and sleeping on Brookings Quadrangle for weeks preparing for their upcoming show “Jerry Finnegan’s Sister.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The Performing Arts Department brings theatre to the screen with Homecoming Voices

The PAD released two of its four Homecoming Voices virtual plays, “Solastalgia” and “The Nicest White People That America Has Ever Produced,” over the weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Covid Mysteries: An interesting comeback for the performing arts

“Covid Mysteries” brought live theater back to Wash. U. with an irreverent reinterpretation of Biblical history just in time for Easter Sunday.

| Managing Editor

Homecoming Voices series brings PAD alums back to WU through four one-act plays

Four Wash. U. graduates wrote one-act plays for the Performing Arts Department’s virtual Homecoming Voices program.

| Managing Editor

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