Audiophiles: Study vibes for midterms

Orly Einhorn | Contributing Writer 

I was recently asked when Washington University would start midterm week, and the question almost made me laugh. If there’s one thing Wash. U. students know, it’s that once midterm season starts, it never stops. With each class being broken up by a few “midterms” per semester, it seems like every week is filled with more and more tests that will determine our final grades, and September isn’t even over yet.  
So, as you continue to spend your nights in the Olin B Stacks or at a table in Bear’s Den, here are the albums you can listen to for every studying vibe: 

Chill Vibes:

Need to relax your nerves before that Calculus III exam? General Chemistry have you anxious out of your mind? Let Alec Benjamin’s “Narrated For You” soothe your every worry while you finish your problem sets and grab another coffee. With a voice like an angel and lyrics that can bring you in tune with your emotions if you pay close enough attention, this album is the perfect background noise to calm you down.  

Bad B – – – – Vibes:

Sometimes, you just need someone to pump you up and remind you that you are the baddest out there. For this, there is no better album than Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You (Deluxe).” Her hits “Truth Hurts” and “Juice” might already be familiar to you, due to their appearance on the Billboard Top 40, but there’s so much more to hear and no shortage of bangers to remind you that even the scariest of professors can’t make you tank your next exam. 

Country Vibes:

There’s only one genre capable of hitting all the checkpoints for good mood listening—country music. (I meant what I said and I’m standing by it, fight me if you think country is bad.) Kacey Musgraves’ 2018 release, “Golden Hour,” could find itself on the top of both pop and country charts with a sound you don’t want to miss. She’ll make you want to find love again and maybe distract you a bit from studying when you find yourself singing along to every song. 


Childhood Vibes:

For some quality throwback jams that’ll keep you smiling through your fifth cup of coffee, turn on Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now.” This iconic album has all the classic bops to bring you right back to 2010, and it might even help to ease the stress of your first exams and papers this year. 

Brand New Vibes:

To round out this selection, if you’re in the mood to listen to something brand new, Tove Lo’s “Sunshine Kitty”—released three days ago—comes highly recommended. Singles off the album like “Glad He’s Gone” and “Really don’t like u” have done well in the few months since their release, and from just a quick listen, you’re guaranteed to get hooked. 

No matter what you’re listening to or what you’re studying for, all the best vibes and all the luck in the world is being sent your way. Now, put down the newspaper and get back to studying!

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