Staff Editorial: This is hard, but we can get through it

This election season, it’s important to protect yourself and your mental health. Here, the members of the Student Life Editorial Board share their methods of grounding themselves and finding some peace in uncertainty.

Staff Editorial: Ways to find brightness in the midterm gloom

The members of the Student Life Editorial Board share their methods on how to de-stress safely during this fall.

Audiophiles: Study vibes for midterms

Midterm season at Wash. U. starts around the third week of classes and keeps going until finals. Here are some albums to listen to as you study.

Orly Einhorn | Contributing Writer 

Staff editorial: How to take advantage of spring weather

On the off chance that you have some free time, here are some tips for ways to enjoy the spring weather from our Editorial Board.

Midterms and midterms: Participation expected in both

If you’re lucky, or a well-organized person, you’ll have a nice distribution of essays, exams and presentations that don’t fall on the same day, and you will probably prepare in advance in order to reduce stress. For those of you who aren’t nerds, however, things are probably a little dicier right now.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

The balancing act of midterms and family weekend

Wash. U. really does look out for its students. But that perpetual kindness and compassion does not mean they never falter, and they did so in regards to the scheduling of Parent and Family Weekend.

Zach Epstein | Contributing Writer

Surviving the midterm mess

Worried about midterms? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Here’s a walk down memory road to help you realize where you went wrong with your study plan.

Anusree Natraj | Contributing Writer

Best ways to celebrate the end of midterms

While your exams may have been last week or more still might be around the corner, everyone deserves a break. Scene staffers certainly had plenty of exams this week. With fall break this weekend, it’s the perfect time to embrace the “play hard” ethos that is so often missing from our campus come mid-October when classes start to get a little too real.

Parent and Family Weekend should end weak scheduling

If you were annoyed by the timing of Parent and Family Weekend, you weren’t alone. Traditionally, the First Year Center has held this weekend either the week before or after fall break, which we believe is an inopportune time for students, who are held down by school and club obligations, to host their parents for a weekend.

University should facilitate student voting in elections

On Nov. 8, 2006, Student Life published a staff editorial (“University failed students in 2006 voting”) decrying the University’s failure to accommodate students who had voted on the South 40 during the 2004 presidential election and had since moved off campus.

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