Lost Live Blog – The Last Recruit

“The Last Recruit”

8:00 – Previews are confusing me. Whose episode is this? I hope it’s an amalgam.

8:02 – Flocke is so mean to Locke! This conversation with Jack is pretty epic. So happy that we’ve finally learned Christian was Smokey! Yay. My Lost-meets-Buffy’s-first-evil prediction is coming true. So all the candidates plus Smokey can leave the island together?

8:04 – Oh, I think it’s going to be an everyone-episode! Oh Sun is going to the hospital too! Why does Sun know who Locke is? Consciousness-shifting? She almost died so I hope so.

8:06 – Claire doesn’t seem crazy here. I hope she shows up in Sideways-world too.

8:11 – Sawyer and Kate did not have their flash-of-love moment so I guess that means they are not soulmates.

8:13 – So many stories are converging! Also, why does Zoe remind me so much of Rousseau with her hair?

8:20 – Oh Desmond found Claire! He’s going to bring her to Charlie, I hope. He’s so creepy here.

8:22 – Ilana sounds very much not like Ilana. This is strange.

8:24 – What’s going on with Sayid right now? I really hope we find out if his soul has been consumed or if he’s just under Locke’s control.

8:30 – That well seemed much deeper last week.

8:33 – It must be incredibly satisfying for sidewaysSawyer to arrest Sayid.

8:36 – Claire looks like she feels so betrayed! I don’t think Desmond is really dead. We would have seen it happen if he was. I miss regular Claire.

8:39 – The others don’t seem particularly happy that Claire is coming with them.

8:45 – Oh cool, everyone is meeting in Fake-Ilana’s law office. And by everyone, I meet siblings Jack and Claire. I hope Desmond shows up too again.

8:49 – I like that Jack’s the believer now. I wish Sawyer had a little more faith, though. I’m glad Jack realistically should die now but won’t.

9:01 – I hope the surgery goes well! Now that Flocke is saying Jack’s life, it’s only fair and all. That ending was so strange. Why did Widmore call off his deal? Can someone remind me what the deal was? That scene with Sun and Jin was the sweetest thing ever! Especially because I wasn’t expecting it. This was a really good set up episode. I wonder if the rest of the episodes (how are there only five?!?) will focus on everyone in sideways land? That’d be pretty cool. And who was the eponymous last recruit? Jack? I don’t know. Oh well. Until next week!

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