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The Academy Awards Liveblogged!

5:05: Hey y’all! Georgie Morvis here checking in to liveblog the Oscars! Watch with me on ABC. For those of you on WashU campus, it’s on channel 3-1 (or 16 for non-HD). They start at six, so I’ll be back then, joined by Alieza Schvimer. 6:04: Project Runway hosts are hosting the Red Carpet coverage […]

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Lost Live Blog – The Last Recruit

In this episode of “Lost,” we get explosions, showdowns, a character swimming what seemed to be a mile in the ocean, and some pretty cool convergence. Yay.

Lost Live Blog #6: Happily Ever After

Lost Blog – Happily Ever After. 8:04 – I don’t like these submarine people. They’re very annoying. I wished I liked Desmond more, so I would have someone to care about this episode. Such an unpopular opinion. What does this generator thing do? Oh yay. Smoking electromagnetic radiation. 8:06 – Also, this episode is called […]

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Lost Live Blog #4: Lighthouse

“Lighthouse” – Lost Live Blog 4 8:01 – Yay, the previouslies showed Claire! I’m glad we get to know about her. Why does Jack keep getting random scars? I mean, islandJack has them, but it’s so weird! 8:02 – Our Jack got his appendix out on island! Why did this one get his out when […]

Lost Live Blog #3: The Substitute

By: Andie Hutner Hey guys! Sorry is my Live Blog for the third episode. Sorry that it’s late! 8:01 – It makes me sad to see Sideways Locke in a wheelchair. Can he magically heal? Ohhh, Helen! She exists in this universe! That’s so exciting! And his dad is nice? What? 8:05 – Ahh, it’s […]

Lost Live Blog #2: What Kate Does

Thanks for joining me this week in our Lost-viewing experience! 8:07 – This episode is called “What Kate Does,” a nice tieback to a season two’s episode “What Kate Did.” I hope Kate and Claire have fun escapades. We better see Claire again! Anyways, it seems like Sayid’s not possessed by Jacob? Boo. And Sawyer’s […]

Live blogging the Mother’s Bar incident town hall

The Association of Black Students, Connect4 and the Senior Class Council are hosting a town hall-style forum tonight to address students’ reactions to the alleged discrimination that took place at the Original Mothers Bar during the senior class trip to Chicago two weeks ago.

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