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‘Black and Blue’ tackles intersection of mental illness and race

This year’s Black Anthology production, “Black and Blue,” brought to light the intersection of mental illness and blackness, paying special attention to how, despite attempts to silence experience, people can recognize the need for help in ourselves and others.

| Senior Editor

Candidate Profile: Hillary Clinton

With Doomsday fast approaching, choosing between these two candidates may seem like a daunting task. On one hand, you have Donald Trump, who has spouted a load of racist and sexist things, essentially condoned sexual assault (and has been accused by multiple woman of perpetrating it) and touts a resume filled with shady business practices and zero political experience.

| Senior Forum Editor

On the World Series, anachronism and perfect 10s

When I was a little girl, I loved to hear my dad talk about baseball. He grew up watching the legends: Ernie Banks, Billie Williams, Ron Santo.

| Senior Forum Editor

Election issue profile: Foreign policy

See where Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson stand on foreign policy in advance of the election.

, and | Forum Writers

Election issue profile: Immigration

Immigration is a hotly debated topic among people who like to pretend they didn’t come to this country as immigrants in the first place.

| Senior Forum Editor

Tim Kaine: He speaks Spanish, in case you haven’t heard

Tim Kaine is basically your neighborhood church’s mayonnaise-colored youth pastor with an extra dose of social consciousness.

| Senior Forum Editor

Counterpoint: By condemning content warnings, UChicago hinders free speech

The University of Chicago recently released a letter to incoming freshmen that champions the idea of free speech while slamming the use of “trigger warnings.” It, regrettably, rests on an assumption that content warnings and free speech are mutually exclusive.

| Senior Forum Editor

On Stanford’s severely misguided priorities following the Brock Turner incident

Stanford University has recently been in the news for two things. The first dates back to March, with a sexual assault case involving a guy named Brock Turner, who blamed his decision to assault an unconscious woman on “alcohol” and “party culture.”

| Senior Forum Editor

Autism Speaks silences and stigmatizes people with autism

April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, as you’ve likely seen somewhere in the wondrous land of social media. Since we are right in the midst of April, it’s a good time to look at what (good) awareness means, and why acceptance is an essential accompaniment to it.

| Senior Forum Editor

To Rudy Giuliani and anybody else weirdly offended by Beyonce

On Super Bowl Sunday, Beyonce Knowles shocked and offended angry white people everywhere when she dared to remind the world that she is, in fact, black. But perhaps that’s an oversimplification of the criticism she’s received in light of her new “Formation” music video and halftime performance, so I’ll take a minute to examine the charges.

| Managing Editor

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