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“The Five-Year Engagement”

I’m a senior. There are only a few weeks left until graduation, and I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around that fact. I’m a senior, and the life I’ve built for myself here at Wash. U. is rapidly drawing to a close. The thing about college is that everyone you meet is in basically at same stage in life. So relationships are easy.

‘Community’ is back, but how’s it doing?

After what amounted to an unusually but not ridiculously long winter hiatus, “Community” returned to NBC on March 15. The three episodes since the return have been … decent. I wasn’t exactly part of the #sixseasonsandamovie campaign on Twitter, but I do like “Community.

Mama’s Pot Roast to bring pro improv group to campus

Last weekend, they hosted their annual Don’t Come to the Show Show. Not slowing down, the group is spending this weekend hosting special guests all the way from Los Angeles: FrankenMatt. FrankenMatt is an improv duo that consists of Frank Caeti and Matt Craig. Craig is a Wash. U. alum and former Pot Roaster who boasts an impressive resume.

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Everyone can agree that Hollywood is full of a bunch of hacks. If a formula works, then generations of screenwriters will churn out scripts following that formula until the bitter end. So an important part of any movie-watching experience is the process of sorting the film into a category.

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‘New Year’s Eve’ is (not) a night to remember

If you want to see the formula for a successful ensemble romantic comedy, look at “Love, Actually.” The British Christmas flick has already become a classic, and for good reason. The stories are all engaging and understated, and they connect to one another without stretching the boundaries of coincidence.

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Why ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ will suck

I have to start this article with an embarrassing confession: I really like the “Twilight” series. I started reading the books when I was a freshman in high school, and the series still brings out my squealing-teenage-girl side. The movies, so far, have stuck with what “Twilight” did best: melodramatic storylines coupled with guilty-pleasure fan service.

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‘Margin Call’

What you get out of a movie is always going to depend on what’s going on in your own life. This is a recognized fact. So, to write a review of “Margin Call,” I think I need to explain a few things. I’m a Wash. U. senior. I’ve never done my own taxes, never handled my own investments, never had anything more permanent than a summer job.

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Point/Counterpoint: Disney Re-releases in 3D

With the astounding success of the re-release of “The Lion King” in 3D, Disney has announced that it will bring four more classics back to the big screen. Viewers can first expect “Beauty and the Beast” to show up this January, followed by “Finding Nemo” in September 2012, “Monsters, Inc.” in January 2013 and “The Little Mermaid” in September 2013.

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“50/50” is a movie about a 27-year-old guy who gets cancer. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam, the guy with cancer. Seth Rogen plays his friend and Anna Kendrick plays his pretty young shrink. Sadly, that’s all you need to know to figure out exactly how the movie goes.

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Now Hear This: DAYGLOW

As you all know, W.I.L.D. is this Friday. There will be lots of pre-gaming, a musical act you may or may not have heard of and the majority of the Washington University student body wandering around the Quad. It’s a good Wash. U. bonding experience. But this year, W.I.L.D. coincides with DAYGLOW. Guess what?

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