Lack of transparency causes student issues with health insurance rollover

Students using the student insurance plan offered through Washington University this year were not automatically enrolled when their previous policy expired, a change that caused confusion among a number of students. Changes to the University’s insurance requirements allow students to opt out of the previously required student health insurance by Sept.

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New contraception policy could affect college health care

As the Obama administration stands by legislation that would make contraception available and free under most health insurance plans, it remains to be seen whether it will make birth control more accessible and affordable for college students.

| Staff Reporter

SHS hires new pharmacist to simplify prescriptions process for students

Students visiting the Habif Health & Wellness Center this year will encounter a new pharmacist. Shannon Gergen, Pharm. D., who graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2005, became the Student Health Services (SHS) pharmacist this year. He is implementing changes that aim to make prescriptions more affordable and accessible to students.

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UTrucking pays flood claims

Eight months after the torrential downpour that flooded students’ storage boxes last May, UTrucking Inc. is now writing reimbursement checks to all those who filed claims for their belongings.

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Health care reform and you

A breakdown of the passage of the extensive health care bill which will bring coverage to millions of uninsured people and will most directly affect students by allowing them to remain on their guardians’ health insurance policy until 26.

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New law protects students’ insurance

Insurance plans often allow college students to maintain their health coverage as a part of their parents’ coverage as long as they maintain full-time student status. This policy, however, creates a problem for students who are forced to take medical leave.

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