I love you, IUD

Sup Katy, what the hell is an IUD???
—Cervically Challenged Chad

| Senior Scene Editor

Denying birth control isn’t about religious freedom, it’s about power

The latest attack on women’s access to birth control is intrinsically linked to a political movement to maintain the social hierarchy of rich, white, Christian men at the top—and everyone else at the bottom.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

An open letter to the Washington University community

On Monday, an article was released in Student Life claiming that EST and Clayton Paramedics were overwhelmed by the number of intoxicated students at W.I.L.D. We are writing to clarify several of the inaccuracies stated in the article. Both EST and Clayton Paramedics put a great deal of resources into W.I.L.D.

Jeremy Pivor and Jackie Morrison

Plan B rule changes show faith in male students

Student Life reported today that Student Health Services is now offering Plan B emergency contraception to both sexes. This is a great step that helps show the mutual decision-making that must go into any pregnancy emergency. The new rule isn’t going to change much about access to Plan B for men.

Legislation good step for women’s health

Last Friday, the Obama administration announced that universities and hospitals, regardless of religious affiliation, cannot deny full birth control coverage to their female employees. Most employers have until Aug. 1 to come under compliance; nonprofits with religious affiliations have an additional year.

Letter to the editor: Keep contraceptive coverage at colleges

This country is founded on ideas of religious tolerance and freedom, as well as a separation of church and state. In recent years, however, it seems like the line between religion and politics has become increasingly blurred, an especially troubling issue in the area of reproductive rights.

Abby Traub | Letter to the Editor

Views differ over SHS policy on who can buy Plan B

With abortion becoming a key issue in the health care debate, issues related to contraception have taken on renewed importance. Washington University offers emergency contraceptives to its students. However, unlike most sellers the University does not offer Plan B, an emergency contaceptive, to everyone. Student Health Services (SHS) dispenses emergency contraception only to women. Plan […]

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