Foot fetishes: Fun or freaky?

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Foot fetishism, otherwise known as podophilia (not to be confused with pedophilia), is defined as an intense sexual interest in feet. For podophilists, the sight or physical handling of a foot—shoed, socked or naked (depending on their preferences)—incites sexual arousal that, if satisfied, ends in various sexual play. This can range from kissing feet or toes to the “footjob,” where foot friction causes ejaculation much like a handjob does in intercourse.

The foot fetish is the most common and documented fetishistic orientation, mostly (70 percent) occurring in males. It is characterized by modern psychological attitudes as fetishism only when the foot or its various accessories (stockings, ankle bracelets, boots, etc.) are required for one’s sexual arousal—that is, if a male cannot become erect without something foot-related involved, and a woman cannot gain a lubricated response without that same stimulus. This kind of sexually limiting mindset can grow to involve repressed urges, shame and even criminal acts.

That being said, the foot fetishes can be an accepted sexual preference outside universal norms, similar to sadism or bondage. Its prevalence and low rate of associated deviancy contribute to a greater contemporary understanding of this and other paraphilic behaviors. This understanding is manifested through various mediums, from large-scale porn sites to sex toys.

Popular sites include Foot Fetish Tube, a play off of RedTube and YouPorn (and further, YouTube!), which goes as far as to post podophilic events like “Footnight” or the “Foot Worship Party.” Sex toys include the Vagina Foot, a $35 jelly foot with a faux vaginal opening on its foot bed; Little Piggies, $60 latex-free fake feet (cut off at the ankle) for footjob-esque masturbatory play; and the Dildo Shoe, a shoe resembling an orthopedic boot with a dildo attached to the top for a more literal interpretation of podophilia. Beyond this, there’s even an page called, “How To Satisfy a Foot Fetish,” and countless Web sites featuring boots, stilettos and sandals catering to foot lovers.

Although most college students deny any understanding of this fetishism, the industry is clearly there and ready to expand. “Baywatch”-famed actress and home self-made porn star Pamela Anderson calls feet the “sexiest part of a woman’s body,” while Playboy model (and mother) Brooke Burke relates, “Toe sucking is just so good.” Celebrities continue to endorse foot fetishism as well, from these ladies to Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris.

Some theorize this sexual predilection comes from the act of crawling at a mother’s feet during babyhood and sexual development. Others believe podophilic responses may come from the relative closeness of feet and genital processing in the brain. All I have to say is that after a man in a clothing store examined and stroked my foot, exclaiming of my “ballerina feet,” I was slightly traumatized. But to each his (or her) own!

  • Megan

    Now I want to see your ballerina feet! lol

  • videoswiperv2

    Thats a really great article, we have many many men joining our foot fetish community over at if interested pop by and say hello

  • erick

    that was dumb, im sorry

  • Antarctic Man

    to the 15 yr old pervert, womens feet aren’t for licking you asshole their for caressing kissing and getting trampled

  • Ron

    I know it sounds weird but I sometimes prefer to explore my foot fetish more than regular intimacy.

  • Ron

    I have a foot fetish. I’m willing to ask any questions presented to me.

  • jimbo

    I love ballerina feet very gorgeous.

  • aby

    Mayb ballerina feet hav nice arch and pointy toes to aid in a suckk

  • Ari Sunshine



  • I’ve recently learned that it arouses me to have my feet touched, licked, bitten or sucked. Its a different feeling and sends chills up my inner thigh. Its an incredible feeling but I don’t need it to get off sorta speak. So I’m quite confused how that’s considered a fetish….

    • Steve

      Nothing to fear. A lot of times this fetish is portrayed in the news as weird and sick because it usually involves an older person and a child or a stalker but this is a harmless fetish enjoyed by millions. I have always found myself turned on by womans feet. Pretty feet, not some “claws”. Not sure where it came from but I have always been somewhat subservient when it comes to women. I have been fortunate enough most of my dating life and now married life, to have girls that didn’t mind my fetish. It’s not an obsession but more of a sensual worship along with our foreplay and lovemaking. I wish these “freaks” would stop doing stupid and illegal acts involving this fetish. I believe most women would enjoy gentle attention paid to their feet. Especially if you wear heels all day or on your feet all day. Don’t knock what you haven’t tried!!

  • Fact.

    There is another erroneous loose assertion made in this article [ which is often unthinkingly repeated like a meme ] because it is not just men [ or even "mainly" men ] who are drawn to the lower extremities. In fact there are just as many women as men who are drawn to lower extremities. One thing you have to factor in is that women are a lot more subtle then men & thus are not as detected as much but the evidence is there. Just do a web search to see for yourself. The stigma associated with this topic would force women to be even more quiet about this then men who are historically prone to take a stand or engage in disapproved behavior & risk.

    I think the deceptive narrative surrounding this topic is designed to demonize & to cast a negative light on the issue in general so as to repel others away from it altogether. A corporate puppet once ridiculously & tellingly wrote that one must “run” from those who might show interest in one’s lower extremities. But… The fact of the matter is that soothing foot rubs are positive as they are great at raising the vibration of those who receive it so it is no wonder that the corporate elite would seek to demonize & propagandize against the lower extremities in general.

    The fellow Daniel below this post is typical of someone who has been conditioned by the lies & propaganda of the establishment which has destroyed any semblance of a normal outlook concerning this topic. [ right down to adopting their erroneous diagnosis & dialectic ] Because no one says: “OMG I notice breasts in a sexual manner… I am a ‘breast fetishist’! I have a disorder”! Or: “I notice asses in a sexual manner… I am an ‘ass fetishist’! I am ill in the brain”! When one goes through puberty one tends to notice the totality of the given human body that one is attracted to as being sexual. That means right from the tip of the hair to the toes & everything in between – including the often forgotten hands – on a given human vessel.

    Any part of the body has the capability of being alluring & drawing attention. Though obviously not always on the same person. IE: some folks have nicer asses / breasts / legs / hands / lower extremities etc. than others. To single out the humble foot as somehow EXEMPT from being attractive is simply a dishonest dialectic. The foot is simply a lower extremity version of the hand. Beauty & allure does not stop at the ankle contrary to what this article tries to assert. To imply that those who notice lower extremities or even favor them deserve this sort of opprobrium is the height of hypocrisy because in non Western parts of the world the breast is not seen as sexual as they are in the West.

    Those folks are flabbergasted at our obsession with breasts – & asses for that matter – so to point the finger at those who are interested in lower extremities while you fawn over breasts & asses is hypocritical in the extreme & downright absurd. I would ask you all once again to rethink this topic because the parameters of the debate is rigged complete with erroneous terms like “fetish” which has no place to describe a living human body – as a fetish is related to cold dead inanimate objects. Attraction to ant part of the human body is natural & this whole farce of inferring that those who notice ALL of the human body are “ill” is a patently ridiculous assertion. This erroneous dialectic is designed to demonize & marginalize a totally normal & natural attraction.

  • Daniel Reynolds

    Okay. Let me see if I can help to clear something up here.
    ANY kind of sexual fetish usually (but, NOT always) starts at a young age due to some sort of experience with the object/body part of said fetish or in some cases even a series of experiences with such that it becomes a sexually arousing fascination for the perceiver of that object/body part.

    The influence can start almost anywhere and can be either a product of curiosity or deliberately “taught” as an acceptable form of what “should” be arousing to the individual according to what is deemed “normal” by society or even within a family or group etc.

    Now comes the part where I make a lot of you angry.
    ANY and ALL forms of sexual arousal derived from fascination with a body part and/or object is a form of lust.
    In other words, down at the core of it all, it’s LUST plain and simple and lust has been a thorn in the side of mankind since the near the dawn of time.

    Lust has ruined relationships, jobs, marriages, destroyed families, cost people their lives and worst of all has been a formidable weapon often used to distract and lure mankind away from the God, the Creator and Savior.

    You don’t HAVE to believe what I’m telling you but, I DO ask that you take it into consideration for your own well being.

    This coming from a sufferer of FOOT/TICKLE fetishism that started at the age of just 3 years and I still wrestle with it every day of my life but, REFUSE to let it dictate my WHO and WHAT I am and so, can you.

    • Fact.

      First off this topic is not “fetishism” as I explained that a fetish is related to an INANIMATE object like a shoe or a glove. Anything to do with the body is classified as partialism though I also dispute this as even people who are more attracted to one part of the body are not uninterested in the rest.

      Furthermore not all interest in body parts is strictly sexual in nature otherwise we would be unfairly stigmatizing podiatrists / doctors / reflexologists etc. To further bolster the point: those who develop a sexual interest in feet / hands first started with a platonic & general interest in them due to their esthetics & many of those folks never develop a sexual interest in those body parts but are nonetheless still fascinated by them.

      Now your contention of lust is wrong as lust is the desire to possess or own something. Not everyone interested by lower extremities wants to engage in contact with them or is constantly thinking about them. A lot of folks can admire something from a distance without necessarily lusting after it or wanting to possess it. So I disagree with your arbitrary contention that lust is supposedly at the core of interest in & awareness to lower extremities. Experts have surmised that shyness is at the core of it as shy folks tend to look down towards the ground more & avoiding eye contact.

      I also dispute the notion that a preference of a body part was somehow “developed” during childhood because all I think is really happening is that some folks just have a preference for one body part just as folks develop a preference for one colour. It does not mean that they dislike all the other colours or that they were psychologically driven to one colour over the others. I think we as humans often over intellectualize things to an absurd degree. I never had any experience with lower extremities or hands yet admired their esthetic appearance from afar. Then much later as a tween noticed that SOME were as alluring as legs / breasts & asses are commonly accepted as being… yet no one calls folks who notice the other body parts “fetishists” or partialsits or even abnormal.

      I think you really have to divorce yourself from all of the establishment conditioning which runs a damaging almost comical narrative that interest in lower extremities is somehow “abnormal” or is a “disorder” because as I have long since discerned: this is all aimed at distracting & repelling people in general away from a healing art which would cost the drug companies too much. Just ask yourself why no other body part is as heavily demonized & stigmatized by the establishment. This humble & relatively harmless partialism would be as celebrated as the other bodily fixations if it were not for the independent healing component.

    • Mike

      Gimme a break! Where is your evidence to back this up?! All opinionated perspective. It is a completely normal and actually popular fetish across the world and will always be! Go suck on some toes!!

    • voice of reason

      ANY and ALL forms of sexual arousal derived from fascination with a body part is lust and lust is evil and bad? Well first off, if you’re not supposed to get aroused by body parts, what are you supposed to get aroused by? Secondly, if it just comes down to sexual arousal equaling lust, which is bad, then why would God create us to reproduce sexually, and tell us to do so, but then say its bad to get aroused sexually?

      Oh, my bad, God didn’t say all that, you did! Sorry, there for a minute I thought you were trying to tell us what God’s thoughts were on the subject.

  • Jamie Elliot

    I’m a man with a male foot fetish. After years of recognizing this, I haven’t a clue where it has originated from? All I know is that I find the masculine foot/shoes/socks totally arousing. Cheers!

  • Fact.

    First of all there is no such thing as “foot fetishism” as a fetish is associated with an inanimate object such as a shoe / glove etc. What the author is referring to is in fact foot partialism but this too is probably inaccurate as no one is aroused solely by only one part of the human body as human sexuality is inclusive of the whole body in general. IE: no one is called a “breast fetishist” [ partialist ] or an ass fetishist [ partialist ] or a hand fetishist [ partialist ] if they express an interest in those body parts. Thus the whole notion of foot “fetishism” / partialism is in fact a total psy-op as discerned from the manner in which it is discussed – this article included. Notice how the narrative is always of a tone which is aimed at repelling people away from this partialism by inferring that it is “bizarre” or “unnatural” in often such an over the top manner.

    The obvious reason for this is quite simple. There is an ancient healing art called reflexology wherein all of the vital organs of the body are connected to pressure points of the feet / ears & hands. The feet are the most effective instruments of practicing this healing art as they are larger surface areas than the ears & hands. The pharmaceutical industry would not want too many people aware of the healing art of reflexology thus this is why the disparaging narrative surrounding foot partialism [ complete with ridiculously & inaccurately calling it a "fetish" ] is ubiquitously promoted in all of the establishment corporate organs. Therefore this disparaging narrative serves to repel folks away from anything to do with the lower extremities.

    There is another interesting reason why foot partialism is demonized. The mid section of the sole of the foot has a small chakra which connects the energy of the body with that of the Earth. The energy that passes through these foot chakras is the final point where one’s energy passes from one’s body going back to the Earth & ultimately the source. This is the reason why so many folks who are prone to foot partialism often find themselves wanting to get close to the soles as they are instinctively trying to get close to these sole chakras where the person’s energy is flowing back to the ground. This is why partialists often feel as though they are worshiping the essence of the person whose soles & chakras that they are near to… as they are in fact absorbing the person’s escaping energy emanating from the sole chakras & is one of the reasons they often get a rush or high from it. The other being pheromones as feet & hands exude pheromones as well. There are also smaller chakras in the palms of the hands as well.

    Though hand partialism does not get as bad a rap.

    • voice of reason

      Ummmm…so someone wrote this article to supposedly demonize anyone who has a sexual attraction to feet because Pfizer, Eli Lilly, et al don’t want people aware of any benefits of reflexology?!?!?!?! WFT have you been smoking?

    • Teeb

      So you claim a person cannot be solely aroused by a body part and then proceed to explain why using spiritual energy and reflexology. Genitalia doesn’t arouse me, but feet do. I’d call myself an actual fetishist. I believe that yes, there is partialism, but I think the word fetish has been so commonly defined as an umbrella term for being aroused by something (animate or inanimate) that it can be used interchangeably with partialism. No use fretting over the minor details of a definition.

    • Dale

      Your extensive pseudo-scientific explanation is completely bogus.
      Foot partialism is just another name for less intense foot fetish.
      Someone has a true foot fetish when that person needs feet in order to perform sex, get aroused and be satisfied.

  • marcus bradley

    Im 15 nd everytime i see my girl friends feet i just want to lick em is that normal or am i going crazy lol

  • I always think about licking girl feet i will love to suck toes

  • Jay C. Smith

    I think French pedicures are beautiful! Silly it is that I have such a female foot fetish; I’ve had it since I was 12 years old. Did God really intend for us men to have such foot fetishes, or is it just me? Just about all my life I wondered why girls and women loved wearing sandals and flip flops. Is having a foot fetish normal, or am I just going crazy?
    I would like to know.

    – Jay C. Smith
    Houston, Texas

  • Mark

    I’m very confused with this article. Really have no idea what is says except foot fetish exists and the author is disgusted by a man in a clothing store who stroked her foot.

    Some people just like feet. Like those who like asses, breasts, the cartilage inside a thigh, calves, long hair, sexy eyes, etc.

    If you want to see beautiful feet then go to a site that has them from a photographer who likes nice and pretty feet. Whether they be in stockings, pantyhose, bare foot or even long toe nails. It’s just what some people like. Foot Fetish

  • Syler

    I have no idea what any of that means because im 11 and why do i want to lick my friend’s feet? is there something wrong with me??

    • anonymous

      no, nothing is wrong with you if you want to. You are who you are. I think out of a group that criticizes foot fetishism, at least half have the fetish themselves and are ashamed to admit it.

  • sunshine

    what about if your man like your feet to “caress” him in his manly bits, but doesn’t rub my feet? or he seems to climax when he places both my feet tucked under his bum when I’m on top?

    how to you classify that one?

    • clara

      i think you should ask him to rub your feet! it’s only fair.

    • voice of reason

      I agree with clara. Your feet obviously turn him on. Where I disagree with Clara is I don’t think you should ask him to rub your feet, you should tell him to do it. When he’s sitting on the couch or whatever, sit down next to him and put your feet in his lap and tell him to do it. Another thing he will probably like is next time you are having sex and in the missionary position, put your feet on his chest, or on his shoulders and rub his head with them. He’ll love it!

  • Loo

    I am a woman and simply appreciate nice feet. They do not turn me on in a sexual way but I do enjoy admiring them. I could not be with a man that had, what I considered, ugly feet. That being said, my man has very handsome, manly ones. I love massaging and lightly kissing them but I DO NOT suck on toes. I am not sure if this would be considered a fetish?

  • karen

    foot fetish – gross

    • Steve

      Don’t knock what you never tried. A lot of people didn’t think they would like bondage or other sexual experimentation and now this “Shades of Gray” book series has the curious willing to see what the experience is about. If you take care of your feet and are a clean person, it should be no different than someone kissing you hand or cheek.

    • voice of reason

      Judgmental attitude – disgusting

    • chipmanmike

      You have no idea what you missing by not having your feet massaged and worshiped by a true foot man. To dismiss it as gross only cheats you.

    • Dale

      If you don’t like it, why did you bother to be part of the discussion?

  • Nick

    Don’t forget the foot fetish social communities such as

  • Preetzee

    Vry vry wel written! I wnt to thank Lucy Moore! She has helped me in a way,i was vry shy from the fact,that i just love beautiful now im quite relaxed,and im gonna continue with this.

  • I devote an entire chapter in my upcoming book to my foot fetish. I don’t think of it as odd at all. My wife doesn’t mind, either…her feet get tons of attention.

  • Frank Roark

    It’s good that foot fetishes got mentioned, but why do they always need to be made out to be something that makes it impossible to get turned on any other way? I consider myself to have a foot fetish but I don’t think it’s required for me to enjoy a girl’s body.

    • Alley Jester

      would u like to suck my feet y i beat my big stiff cock

  • Toetapper

    The research in this article is, at best, cursory. Lucy Moore would have been far better served to actually speak to a foot-fetishist or two.

  • Andy-Laa

    LOL John Williams. Even if you don’t have one, they exist mate. Get over it.

  • John Williams

    Great article….NOT!