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Female approved porn

In a day and age where porn grosses an estimated $14 billion annually in the United States alone, and an estimated $97 billion worldwide, sex consumption out-monies the vast majority of industries, including top-grossing Hollywood movies such as “Avatar” and “Gone with the Wind.” Statistics reported by Family Safe Media state that 42.7 percent of Internet users view porn—nearly half!

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Sex addiction: Is it real?

With the recent publicity surrounding Tiger Woods’ alleged sex addiction and the impending release of the 5th Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) and its major reorganization of the sexual dysfunctions category, the debate about the existence of sexual addiction as a diagnosable mental disorder rages on.

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Condoms: Latex vs. non-latex

While idly browsing the family planning section of Walgreen’s one morning, I found myself rediscovering all the fabulous varieties of condoms. Next to the Mint Tingle Trojans and Assorted Durex Pleasure Packs stood Lifestyles’ “Skyn” non-latex polyisoprene condoms and Naturalamb non-latex lambskin condoms.

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Foot fetishes: Fun or freaky?

Foot fetishism, otherwise known as podophilia (not to be confused with pedophilia), is defined as an intense sexual interest in feet.

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Three’s Company: Or is it?

The “threesome,” typically thought of as the sexual scenario of two women, one man and one bed, seems to be the go-to fantasy of the everyday male in the United States. I mean, if I were one Javier Bardem surrounded by the passion-gripped bodies of Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz, it would be mine, too. […]

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Sex, smell and the genome

There are many attractive people in the world, but why one finds one fish more gorgeous than the cornucopia of others in the sea has long been a mystery to both the average sexual being and the scientist.

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Internet of hentai

Hentai, in Japanese, is a word generally indicating perversion. Literally, it means “abnormal attitude,” or in slang, “weirdo.”

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