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Celebrating Josephine Baker, a disrupter of ‘conventions and boundaries’

St. Louis-born Josephine Baker was the first woman of color to be entombed in France’s Panthéon for her work in the French Resistance during World War II. Chancellor Andrew Martin, Mayor Tishaura Jones and others took part in a Nov. 30 event to celebrate her life and legacy.

| Senior Scene Editor

Introducing: Professor George Pepe

Professor George Pepe lightheartedly suggested that he suffers from logorrhea. “Logos, meaning word, and rhoia, meaning flow,” he said after his self-diagnosis. As outgoing chair of the University’s Department of Classics, Pepe is well versed in Latin and the origins of words.

| Scene Reporter

Impressions of Red Orchestra 2

Red Orchestra 2 was released almost three weeks ago, yet here I am delivering reactions to the game instead of a proper verdict. The reason for that lies in the game’s shaky launch, which had no shortage of performance issues, crashes and other bugs that have no place in the ostensibly finished version of a game.

| Video Games Editor

‘South Pacific’ brings an enchanted evening to St. Louis

The songs were catchy, the choreography was energetic, and the book was amusing. Even the costumes and set were convincing. There is a reason why the revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” swept the 2008 Tony Awards.

| Cadenza Reporter

Guns and government

As of late, there have been several debates on campus concerning the topic of gun control. When approached with this topic, many stuffy professors like to drone on ad nauseam about court precedent. Others like to spew out endless series of statistics on crime rates and gun possession.

| Staff Columnist

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