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Police disband pro-Palestine protest and encampment during alumni weekend

As part of a pro-Palestine demonstration led by around 50 Washington University community members and St. Louis residents, a group of protestors set up an encampment that was shut down by WashU Police Department (WUPD), April 20.

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WU student robbed on Forsyth Blvd

The subject stopped the car in the street and approached the student, demanding the student’s jacket and shoes. The student complied, and the subject drove away in his car, heading west.

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Student committee members and activists dissatisfied with WU public safety report

After Washington University’s public safety committee released its final report, many of campus’ student activists involved in its creation expressed disappointment in the limited scope of the recommendations.

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WU public safety committee releases report recommending removal of WUPD officers from mental health calls, increased measures for transparency and accountability

The committee, composed mainly of University students, staff and faculty, was formed in September 2020 as one of multiple initiatives announced by Chancellor Andrew Martin aimed at promoting racial equity on campus.

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Security guard killed in shooting at Delmar Loop MetroLink station

Washington University Law Enforcement sent an initial alert at 11:14 a.m. warning community members to avoid the area around the Delmar Loop station, before sending a follow-up email at 2:36 p.m. with more information about the shooting.

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Among calls for abolition, experts weigh costs and benefits of WUPD for the campus and community

After a summer of nationwide protests over systemic racism and police brutality, college students across the country have looked to implement calls for racial justice at a local level by demanding the abolition of university police departments. At Washington University, more than 100 students recently marched across campus demanding the abolition of the Washington University […]

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‘We’re not gonna be quiet’: Students demand WUPD abolition

Carrying a banner that read “WUPD protects property, not people,” students marched from Brookings Hall to the South 40 to call on University administrators to defund and abolish the Washington University Police Department, Oct. 24.

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WUPD alerts students to spate of off-campus armed robberies

Four armed robberies occurred in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood Sept. 6 and 7, according to a crime alert sent by the Washington University Police Department, Sept. 8.

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No wheels for WU: New policy prohibits motorized scooters, skateboards

Washington University in St. Louis Parking & Transportation Services unveiled a new policy banning the use of electric scooters and other motorized transportation devices on campus earlier this week.

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Connecting campus: North Campus shuttle service begins

Washington University Parking & Transportation Services and Washington University Police Department (WUPD) are each introducing services to increase the connectedness and safety of North Campus and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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