5.0 | Nelly

Nelly’s “5.0” is a definite improvement over his last album “Brass Knuckles,” but it doesn’t live up to the St. Louisan’s best hits and is a largely forgettable effort. It’s not a bad album by any means; it’s just too basic to merit a third or fourth listen.

| Cadenza Reporter

Nothing | N.E.R.D

In an industry tethered to tired samples and easy beats, N.E.R.D.’s homemade instrumentals are invigorating. Reminiscent of ’70s funk, the trio creates rhythms and melodies that are as fresh as the vocals are smooth.

| Cadenza Reporter

Paper Trail | T.I.

After the wild success of his first four albums and a very mediocre-at-best review of his fifth, T.I. is at it again with his sixth album in 10 years: “Paper Trail.”

| Cadenza Reporter

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