London Tea Room

Ever had the urge to press a Naughty Vicar to your lips? No? I bet it’ll take just one visit to the London Tea Room to change your mind on that note. Now, don’t get me wrong, there aren’t promiscuous members of the Catholic Church hanging around this delightful downtown cafe (as far as I can tell).

| Scene Reporter

New Chai on campus disappoints students

While national political disputes come to a sudden close as midterm election results come out, another major issue continues to rock Washington University’s student body—the new chai latte recipe being served across campus.

| Contributing Reporter

Tea Party’s definition of liberty

It’s 2010 and tri-corner hats might seem like an eccentric fashion choice, unless the wearer happens to be starring in a second grade history pageant. Not so, according to the so-called Tea Party movement, at least in the symbolic sense. This recent grass-roots movement, loosely united by fervor for limited government and original intent, has become a major force of dissent in conservative politics.

| Staff Columnist

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