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Super Bowl LVIII Preview: What to watch for in this year’s big game

Super Bowl Sunday is on the horizon, and the NFL has narrowed its 32 squads to two teams competing for the Lombardi Trophy. This article will preview the most important game of the season, as Sunday’s matchup will bring glory to one fanbase and heartbreak to another in Super Bowl LVIII.

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Previewing the NFL Conference Championship Games

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, and the National Football League (NFL) has narrowed its 32 squads down to its final four teams. In this article, we will be previewing the NFL Championship Games: the penultimate matchups in the playoffs that decide which two out of those four teams will compete for the ultimate prize in Super Bowl 58 — the Lombardi trophy.

| Staff Writer

Everything you need to know about Super Bowl 57: What to watch for in this year’s big game

Whether you’re just excited to watch Rihanna’s return to the stage or are a diehard football fanatic, here’s everything you need to know ahead of Super Bowl 57.

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Reasons to watch Super Bowl LVI that aren’t football

Even if you’re not a football fan, there might still be merit in watching Super Bowl LVI. Our staff has four alternate motivations for you.

Super Bowl Sunday taught me a lesson that had nothing to do with football

Chronicling the search for chicken wings on one of the biggest chicken wing consumption nights of the year.

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Same as it ever was: Chiefs rekindle annual tradition of disappointing me

History will remember the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs as just one of the field, a road block between the inevitable Tom Brady and his seventh championship.

| Senior Sports Editor

Somber, soulless Super Bowl: Enjoying a truly terrible football game

The only question I had before I began watching this Super Bowl was why was I going to watch it in the first place. I toiled over it before the game started. I revisited the question as the game became a soulless dredge over the home stretch.

Dorian DeBose | Senior Sports Editor

Super Bowl staff predictions: Rams vs. Patriots

So, we have another L.A.-Boston championship. Here’s how the Student Life sports staff thinks this one will go. Hint: Title-starved Beantown (none in three months!) will host another parade.

Sports Staff

Murphy’s law: Patriots fans savor success, everyone else’s hatred

Hear from two real live Patriots fans on the eve of Super Bowl LII.

| Senior Editor

Who’s going to win this year’s Super Bowl: Patriots or Eagles?

Because we’re obviously experts.

Sports Staff

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