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SU Senate releases letter alleging administration tried to block pro-Palestine resolution; opinions within SU divided

A majority of Student Union (SU) senators have signed a letter alleging that Washington University administrators have attempted to block Senate from meeting to pass a pro-Palestine resolution, leading other SU members to call for more transparency and communication in the organization, May 1. 

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Student Union creates award for student leaders

Student Union (SU) announced the SU Leadership Award to honor student leadership on campus, April 3. Student leaders on Washington University’s campus have until April 19, 2024 to apply for this year’s application cycle. 

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Student Union hosts inauguration ceremony to swear in new representatives

Washington University’s Student Union (SU) held their annual inauguration ceremony to swear in newly-elected and re-elected senators, treasury representatives, and members of the Executive Council, April 11.

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End-of-year Q&A with outgoing SU President Emily Chen

Emily Chen, the outgoing Student Union (SU) President, sat down for an interview with Avi Holzman, one of StudLife’s Editors-in-Chief, on April 5 ahead of the SU inauguration on April 11. The conversation covered topics from past Q&A’s, reflections on the year as president, WILD funding, and what she will take with her from this experience after she graduates. The Q&A has been edited for length and clarity. 

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SU reviews new Student Code of Conduct

As part of a conversation about student conduct, Associate Dean of Student Conduct and Community Standards, Nicole Gore, presented a new iteration of the Student Code of Conduct at the last Student Union (SU) joint session of the semester, April 9.

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Speaker of Senate to remain in role after special recall election

Sophomore Sonal Churiwal will remain the Speaker of Student Union (SU) Senate after receiving 53.12% of the vote to keep her seat in a specially held recall election with high voter turnout from students, April 10. 

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Opinion Submission: Joint student organization statement on recall of Speaker of Senate Sonal Churiwal

To cast her robust value system and willingness to disrupt as “threatening” is nothing more than the manifestation of racist and sexist stereotypes like the “angry woman of color.”

Opinion Submission: A plea to reject silent complicity

Recall me or not, know that this is not over. Know that I will continue to disrupt and resist. Know that I will continue to ask how many innocents killed it takes to break your silence. Know that I will continue to advocate. Know that I will continue to love all and to love loudly. And know that you will keep hearing about it. I can only hope that you will choose to join me.

| Speaker of the Senate, Class of 2026

Staff Editorial: SU recall petition needs transparency

As we approach this upcoming vote, the Student Life Editorial Board expresses concerns over the petition’s anonymous filing and resulting potential for the exploitation of the recall process.

Senate passes dining workers’ rights resolution and organizes Jewish-Muslim roundtable

Student Union (SU) Senate passed a resolution advocating for dining workers’ rights and discussed a potential roundtable among Jewish and Muslim student organizations to determine considered harmful speech, April 2.

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