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‘Identify those interactions that they find to be the most valuable’: Doctor talks the pandemic, physical contact and the long-term effects of loneliness

With the light at the end of the tunnel growing brighter each day and the hope for a more typical year next fall, it’s important to remember that we are still in a pandemic. COVID cases across the country have been steadily rising again, as Americans jump the gun on relaxing restrictions. Back in February, amidst cold snowy days that kept most students inside, I spoke with the Assistant Director of Mental Health at Habif, Dr. Jordan Fields, about loneliness and isolation.

| Staff Writer

As COVID-19 spiked in St. Louis, WU donors met in person for an event the University advertised as virtual

Administrators hosted an in-person event with catered alcohol and at least a dozen people inside Brauer Hall Wednesday afternoon, just days after the University increased its alert level to orange and as strict guidelines for other events remain in place.

| Associate Editor

Op-ed: Thank you

As we near the midpoint of this semester, with very low numbers of active cases, we want to say thank you for doing your part in keeping us safe.

Ranen Miao, Student Union President | Rob Wild, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

“Show our Black sisters the respect they deserve”: Hundreds of students mourn together at vigil for Breonna Taylor

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.”
The numbers, symbolizing the number of bullets that police officers fired at Breonna Taylor, echoed against the buildings of the East End during a vigil held Saturday.

Julia Robbins | Staff Reporter

On-campus dining involves new safety precautions for workers and students

While all dining areas except for the law cafe are open and running, many have reduced hours and have altered processes to fit social distancing guidelines.

Elisa Xu | Contributing Reporter

Five places to see within walking distance of campus

Here’s a list of five (not overrated) places to see within walking distance from campus. It’s important to remember that there is still an incredible and vibrant city outside of campus to explore.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Writer

Your boredom is not worth someone’s life

To those who cry injustice at the maintenance of shelter in place orders, I ask you this: Are the lives of so many worth your “hangout”? Are the lives of the country’s most vulnerable groups worth that haircut or that “need” to “just get out of the house?”

| Senior Forum Editor

Avoid the mobs, order your swabs: Bone marrow drive goes virtual

In a time when so much feels out of our control, looking into opportunities of what can be done⁠—as opposed to all that cannot⁠—has become more important than ever.

Samra Haseeb | Staff Writer

Social distancing is a privilege

“While a lot of us are comforted by the interiors of our homes, that same opportunity is not granted to everyone, and this is a fact that we should not remain ignorant to.”

| Senior Forum Editor

Delmar Loop restaurants work to stay afloat after loss of dine-in services and WU student customers

Right about now, you might be watching your fourth Netflix episode of the day, or you might even be in the middle of a Zoom class.

Samra Haseeb | Contributing Writer

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