SU candidates discuss platforms, answer questions from WU community at forum

The forum, which took place one week before SU elections on March 30, covered topics ranging from accountability and transparency to the role of WUPD and Greek Life on campus.

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SU passes Black Caucus Expansion Act, appoints election commissioner

Student Union (SU) passed the Black Caucus Expansion Act and appointed a new election commissioner in an emergency joint session, Aug. 27.

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SU Senate, Treasury votes to table chief of staff nomination until fall session

Student Union Senate and Treasury voted to postpone the confirmation of the executive board’s chief of staff nominee freshman Tony Sims II until the fall, in a joint session Tuesday night.

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Op-ed: We live in a purposefully undemocratic nation

In the Senate race, thousands of ballots were still uncounted, including absentee ballots and provisional ballots that were initially rejected due to mismatched signatures.

Jonathan Schneider | Class of 2020

John McCain and glorifying prominent people

The role that politicians play in our society makes it misguided, even irresponsible, to eulogize their passing without acknowledging their failures. We risk obfuscating, justifying and glorifying these failures, even ones that have substantial and wide-ranging impacts on peoples’ lives.

| Staff Writer

SU VP finance appointed after position unfilled in election

Sophomore Shelly Gupta was appointed as Student Union’s vice president of finance March 20, after the position went unfilled in the general election March 7.

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Senate, Treasury elect new leadership via internal process

Student Union appointed members to new leadership positions in Senate and Treasury through internal elections March 27.

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Student Union senators implement personal projects to increase accountability

All Student Union senators will undertake individual projects this semester as part of SU’s initiative to ensure accountability.

Dorian DeBose | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed: Apply to Senate

Brian Adler, Speaker of the Wash. U. Student Union Senate, issues a class for students to apply for five open Senate seats.

Brian Adler | Speaker of SU Senate

Op-ed: Check the ingredients in your pudding, Tyrin Truong

I don’t quite see why describing “James Santos” as a gay, Latino man keeps Hamernik from championing the ideals of the WashU Pride Alliance and Association of Latin American Students.

Max Klapow | Class of 2021

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