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SU rejects Second Stage

Second Stage, the outdoor concert on the Village Green that preceded the W.I.L.D. concert in Brookings Quadrangle for the first time last semester, will not be a part of this fall W.I.L.D.

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Mixed response greets big changes to W.I.L.D.

Attendees at Washington University’s W.I.L.D., the bi-annual musical festival, will witness significant changes to the event’s management this year. The changes will affect both Second Stage, the pre-W.I.L.D. event, and Main Stage, the concert that will take place on Brookings Quadrangle. Second Stage—the smaller part of W.I.L.D.

Spring W.I.L.D. sees strong turnout

Waves of Washington University students flocked to Brookings Quadrangle Friday evening to enjoy the warm weather and the spring Walk In Lay Down concert put on by Team 31 Productions.

| News Staff

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