Basketball teams in limbo as UAA cancels conference competition

Individual players have been limited to masked shooting and non-contact practices, and it is still uncertain whether men’s or women’s basketball will be able to practice with contact, yet alone play against other teams.

| Senior Sports Editor

The pitch to Wash. U. athletic recruits

One week ago, the college football landscape was fixated on one of its favorite days of the year: national signing day.

| Senior Sports Editor

Wash. U. should be more available

It is common knowledge that kids from disadvantaged high schools are disproportionately represented at elite universities. And while financial restraints are a major reason for this, with all the scholarships available, money is not always the main issue for kids from poor areas applying to elite schools.

Unfair advantages

For many college students, a significant international population is taken for granted to be part of a school’s demographic makeup. Just a few years ago, however, this would not have been the case; in the past five years, the number of Chinese undergraduate students alone has risen from 10,000 to 57,000. Enrollment as a percentage has similarly skyrocketed.

| Staff Columnist

TFA: Don’t hit reply for the wrong reasons

This semester, Teach for America (TFA) has employed a set of aggressive recruiting tactics for Wash. U. seniors. TFA liaisons—undergraduate Washington University students hired to recruit students for Teach for America—are paid to run through lists of student group leaders and mark potential candidates with a priority level for the organization.

Junior aims to improve math education

People are always talking about bridging the gap that exists between students in different geographical areas. And while some groups like Teach For America are well known and attract many applicants, one lesser-known organization is Reasoning Mind (RM).

| Contributing Reporter

Weston Career Center: Still more work to be done

The Weston Career Center has undergone significant changes in the past few years to combat students’ dissatisfaction with job placement services. In light of BusinessWeek’s latest ranking, however, it appears the center is still lagging compared to the services offered by other top universities. Most notable in the 2009 BusinessWeek article is the “C” Wash. U. receives for job placement. This grade ties Wash. U.

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