police brutality

Op-Ed: Wash. U. chooses statue over student

All the University chose to see was vandalism. At the conduct meeting, I was listened to, but I was not heard.

Sabrina Sayed | Class of 2021

Among calls for abolition, experts weigh costs and benefits of WUPD for the campus and community

After a summer of nationwide protests over systemic racism and police brutality, college students across the country have looked to implement calls for racial justice at a local level by demanding the abolition of university police departments. At Washington University, more than 100 students recently marched across campus demanding the abolition of the Washington University […]

Gabby Hyman | Staff Reporter

‘We’re not gonna be quiet’: Students demand WUPD abolition

Carrying a banner that read “WUPD protects property, not people,” students marched from Brookings Hall to the South 40 to call on University administrators to defund and abolish the Washington University Police Department, Oct. 24.

| Senior News Editor

“Show our Black sisters the respect they deserve”: Hundreds of students mourn together at vigil for Breonna Taylor

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.”
The numbers, symbolizing the number of bullets that police officers fired at Breonna Taylor, echoed against the buildings of the East End during a vigil held Saturday.

Julia Robbins | Staff Reporter

I’m tired and I shouldn’t have to explain why

I am tired of having to explain to people what it feels like to be Black in America and why they should care. Silence speaks louder than words, and the silence from people who claim to be allies in the struggle against racism is deafening.

| Senior Editor

WU-SLam poets perform in first scored event of the year

From goth culture to police brutality, spousal abuse, anxiety and saving the planet by falling in love, WU-SLam poets immortalized experiences and circumstance in spoken word this past Friday; the lighthearted and the severe, the mundane and the momentous. This event was the first scored slam of the year put on by WU-SLam.

Ellie Ito | Contributing Writer

Op-ed: Class canceled over police brutality

Deadly force is an unacceptable option against black children, and the system cannot be allowed to proceed uninterrupted so long as black lives are disregarded.

Brandon Wilson | TA and Ph.D. Candidate in the History Department

Dear Washington University students

It’s long past time for you to be in the streets. Every single last one of you.

Students continue activism with ‘dead-in’ display in DUC

Dressed in black shirts, students fell to the floor, simulating the dead bodies of people of color shot by police officers as tour groups and students eating lunch in Tisch Commons looked on.

| Senior News Editor

No justice for Vonderrit Myers, no justice for Mike Brown

A police officer shot and killed Vonderrit Myers, a black male, Wednesday night on Shaw Avenue—this is the only undisputed truth we have as of today. Meanwhile, people have pressed protesters to justify the inclusion of Myers within the Ferguson October demonstrations that took place over the weekend.

Clark Randall | Staff Columnist

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