Parkside Cafe

A week of eating exploration: Reviewing five campus dining options

I started my week by eating at the grill in Bauer Hall. With a growling stomach after a long dance class, the grill’s 20-minute wait time was almost too much to bear.

| Contributing Writer

Our favorite on-campus study spots

Since the pandemic, almost everyone has had to find new on-campus study spots. Olin Library isn’t open. Graham Chapel is filled with study cubbies. And now there are gigantic white tents invading Mudd Field. We compiled a list of our favorite spots to break away from the pandemic and get some work done in the […]

The most important meal of the day: Breakfast at Parkside

While breakfast may consist of simply grabbing a quick pastry and a coffee on the way to class for most of the Washington University community, the new Parkside Cafe on the East End is beginning to expand food options on campus to kick off students’ days.

| Senior Scene Editor

Sam Fox students react to Etta’s cafe closing

The new dining arrangement for the East End of campus elicited mixed reactions from students as Parkside Cafe at Schnucks Pavilion opened and the beloved Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts café, Etta’s, was shuttered.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Reporter

Eating on the East End: A look at the new Parkside Cafe

New campus buildings tend to draw a varied mixture of interest, admiration and criticism from Washington University students, a pattern that once again revealed itself after the sleek new Parkside Cafe opened as part of the broader East End campus construction on August 13.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

‘Bada Bing’: The beloved members of the Holmes Lounge staff

When families and prospective pre-frosh visit campus and ask current students where to eat on campus, a frequent response is Holmes Lounge. But food isn’t the only thing drawing students to Holmes every day at lunch, as the eatery has become known for its personable, caring and loving staff.  

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editor

Etta’s Cafe and Holmes carvery to close with opening of new eatery

Etta’s Cafe and the carvery station in Holmes Lounge are both tentatively set to close with the opening of Parkside Cafe, an eatery in the newly constructed Schnuck’s Pavilion, in the summer of 2019.

Curran Neenan | Contributing Reporter

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