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‘Urinetown’ showcases student talent, forbodes of future trouble

Kicking off Parents’ Weekend with the opening night of “Urinetown,” Washington University’s Performing Arts Department brought their best melodramatic acting, passionate singing and, of course, desperate yelping about urine on the Edison Theatre stage.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Writer

The balancing act of midterms and family weekend

Wash. U. really does look out for its students. But that perpetual kindness and compassion does not mean they never falter, and they did so in regards to the scheduling of Parent and Family Weekend.

Zach Epstein | Contributing Writer

Where to take your parents this weekend

Put on your visors and zip up your khaki shorts! Parent and Family Weekend is upon us! Ah, parents. So eager! So excited! So caffeinated! So excruciatingly difficult to entertain for 48 hours! Don’t worry though—Scene has the lowdown on where to take your parents this weekend.

Parent and Family Weekend should end weak scheduling

If you were annoyed by the timing of Parent and Family Weekend, you weren’t alone. Traditionally, the First Year Center has held this weekend either the week before or after fall break, which we believe is an inopportune time for students, who are held down by school and club obligations, to host their parents for a weekend.

Your guide to this year’s Parents’ Weekend

Whether your parents will be attending Parents’ Weekend or not, the couple of days tend to offer a respite from the few downsides of college. You trade in ramen for a nice dinner out, and if you don’t have a car, it generally provides a chance to get out and see some more of St. Louis. Here, Scene staff will offer their best tips for making the most of Parents’ Weekend.

Where to take your hard-to-please parents and still have fun

Whether you’re a freshman seeing your parents for the first time in two months or a senior whose parents are flying in to enjoy our beautiful campus one last time before seeing it through tears at your graduation, Parents’ Weekend is a great excuse to explore St. Louis with loved ones. Here are some top […]

Jackie Brogdon | Contributing Writer

Give us a break—at least, one longer than three days

As we all return to the hustle and bustle of our academic careers following Fall Break, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: why did that feel so short? The answer is simple. Our Fall Break is exceptionally short compared to those of other universities.

‘The Threepenny Opera’ at Edison Theatre

With the arrival of Parents’ Weekend, students should ponder how best to repay parents for a trip to Schnucks. Consider instead a night at the theater savoring the Performing Arts Department’s latest production, “The Threepenny Opera.” This musical is an excellent entertainment option for anybody.

| Cadenza Reporter

Just $pend quality time together

Parents’ Weekend takes place at just the right time in the semester. But let’s be honest. Parents’ Weekend is all about the Benjamins.

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