Office of Sustainability

Office of Sustainability introduces new thermostat set point policy

Washington University’s Office of Sustainability instituted a new thermostat set point policy designed to increase occupant comfort, energy savings and carbon reductions this summer.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Office of Sustainability implements new recycling policy

The Office of Sustainability is refocusing its public outreach efforts to promote greater recycling success following last spring, when the highest percentage of rejected waste in years was sent to the landfill. Fifty percent of Washington University’s recycling last spring was rejected.

Anne Accardi | Contributing Reporter

4 ways to be sustainable during reading week

Reading week may be stressful, but that’s no excuse for slacking on the good deeds. With these tips, you can make a tangible, positive impact on the world with minimal effort.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

The sustaining impact of Wash. U.’s Food Week

In revising our food system, we cannot look past the extreme effects of nonsustainable agriculture. Last week, Washington University’s Office of Sustainability hosted Food Week 2016: Know Your Foodprint, which highlighted these concerns and how we can address them.

| Staff Writer

Office of Sustainability replaces Car-Free efforts with Active Transportation Month

The Office of Sustainability is promoting alternative transportation and healthy lifestyles by hosting Active Transportation Month.

Deborah Spencer | Contributing Reporter

Green Monday sees success in first months

The Green Monday Initiative, an effort to decrease the University’s carbon footprint by encouraging people to take a pledge to refrain from eating meat on Monday and to be more environmentally aware, has proven a success in its first months.

| Contributing Reporter

Green Cup brings darkness, diligence to WU campuses

It’s not easy being green, but there are rewards for those who do make the commitment. Junior Henry Ellison, president of Sigma Nu fraternity, which won last year’s Green Cup, said that house residents went to great lengths for their victory. “The brotherhood was really passionate about saving power,” Ellison said.

Talal Ahmad | Contributing Reporter

Courtesy signs mark first step in long-term plans for shared walkways

Although the 75 biker-pedestrian courtesy signs that have dotted campus for the past two weeks will be gone before the weekend, they are only the first part of an ongoing Washington University initiative to make campus paths safer.

| Senior News Editor

‘Com-poster Children’ encourage students, reduce waste

Green-shirted students hovering by the garbage bins at Bear’s Den and the Danforth University Center offer a new obstacle between their peers and the trash. As part of the Office of Sustainability’s Green Ambassador program, 32 students were hired this semester to become compost ambassadors or “com-poster children.

| News Editor

The Green Cup’s strengths, potential and limitations

Student Life ran an article today regarding the Green Cup, its viability going forward, and whether or not students will continue the gains they made during the four weeks in February.

| Forum Editor

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