Middle East

Op-ed: The American Butcher’s Bill comes due

When the press agitates for another bloody Middle East war, remember Thousand Oaks, California. Remember that the people of Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq will not bleed alone.

Nicholas Gunther | School of Law Class of 2021

Former secretary of state, national security advisor discuss approaches to Middle East

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley discussed and highlighted their two-pronged approach to conflicts in the Middle East yesterday.

| Contributing Reporter

Recognizing terror, remembering Ezra Schwartz

Ezra Schwartz was just a boy. He was a boy who started food fights at camp and organized cabin mischief. A boy who sought to make others happy and brighten the lives of those around him. He was just a boy—an 18-year-old boy shot dead in his car by Palestinian terrorists on his way home from bringing food to Israeli soldiers.

Rachel Katzin | Contributing Writer

Why progressives should oppose the Iran deal

Although I do not personally identify with the progressive political movement, I firmly believe in the advancement of LGBT rights in America and around the world. I’ve found common ground with progressives on my belief in equal rights for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Paul Felder | Class of 2018

The smear campaign has started

Earlier this week, an opinion—“To Be Middle Eastern at Wash. U.”—was published in Student Life. The letter begins by announcing the start of a smear campaign, but it was the false, unclear and misleading allegations that appeared within the letter itself that were both offensive and deeply disturbing.

Kaity Shea Cullen | Class of 2016

Blowback: A lesson in American exceptionalism

Do we know we are falling into a trap? Do we have some alternate, possibly profitable, scheme of which I am unaware? Or are we simply backed too far into this corner of exceptionalism that demands we continue our pursuit to police the world?

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer

12 years later, remembering 9/11: The time has come to move on

This year, Washington University didn’t have a remembrance service for Sept. 11. Why, you might ask? Was this not a tragic event? Was this not a period of grief completely unmatched by any other in our short lifetimes? Yes, it was that and so much more, but Wash. U.

Daniel Deibler | Class of 2014

Why green lines and red lines don’t belong together

It is misguided to make any comparison between red lines and green lines when discussing the important issues facing America with respect to the Middle East. To suggest that green lines ought to garner the same attention as red lines in American presidential races is to not fully understand American issues and policies.

Ian Lever | Class of 2016

US Rep. Russ Carnahan addresses Middle East security issues in DUC

Russ Carnahan, Democratic Congressman for Missouri’s third district—which contains Washington University, spoke to students and community members Wednesday night as part of an event organized by Wash. U. Students for Israel.

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I believe the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is an inter-subjective debacle, at once complex, dynamic, and grounded in human experience, phenomenology, and history.

Brendan Lind

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