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AOII officially disbands chapter as students continue to push for Greek Life abolition amid new WPA recruitment cycle

Following months of calls for the abolition of Greek Life, Alpha Omicron Pi is now the second sorority at the University to officially disband.

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Editor’s Note Episode 3: The fight over the future of Greek Life

In this week’s episode of Editor’s Note, Multimedia Editor Jaden Satenstein talks to Managing Editor Jayla Butler about her coverage of the Greek Life abolition movement.

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Three sororities push to dismantle their chapters, facing resistance from Campus Life, national organizations

Continuing in the fight for the abolition of Greek Life, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Delta and Delta Gamma have now made efforts to officially disband their chapters, to mixed results from their national organizations and little response from Washington University.

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Theta Xi and Sigma Nu placed on social probation, Kappa Delta and Alpha Phi receive ‘first strikes’

Theta Xi and Sigma Nu were placed on social probation while Kappa Delta and Alpha Phi were given formal conduct warnings, Oct. 30.

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KD, Beta playground plan nixed, resources shifted

ThurtenE is known for the intricately designed facades and short plays created and put on by the University’s Greek organizations, but Kappa Delta and Beta Theta Pi shifted their focus towards a different project this year.

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Panhel announces new campus sorority chapter due to growing student interest

The new sorority, which will be chosen by May 1 and officially arrive on campus after the end of formal recruitment in January 2016, will be the newest addition to women’s Greek life since Kappa Delta was established at the University in 2013.

Farragut school playground project is a plan worth sustaining

In prioritizing the playground, Beta and KD position themselves with the implicit mission of ThurtenE’s carnival: to provide resources, financial or otherwise, to a local charity.

Beta and Kappa Delta to use ThurtenE funds to help Farragut Elementary

For this year’s ThurtenE Carnival, Beta Theta Pi and Kappa Delta, paired for the first time in the construction of a facade, have decided to redefine the purpose behind their fundraising and take a tangible approach toward making an impact within the community.

| Staff Reporter

Kill the poor, or at least make fun of them

What’s wrong with a homelessness-themed party? Apparently nothing, if we’re to believe Indiana University’s Kappa Delta chapter. According to Jezebel, an online, feminist news source, party-goers wore shredded clothing and signs with pithy pleas for money, such as “Why lie? It’s for BOOZE…” and “Give me a nickel and I’ll tickle your pickle.

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Kappa Delta: ‘We will puncture your plastic bags’

In the few months since Kappa Delta has colonized on this campus, you may have forgotten that we even exist. Well, we haven’t. We’ve been extremely busy over the last several months. We had a profoundly moving initiation ceremony where we all dressed in pretty white dresses and took lots of pictures to prove to our Facebook friends that we’re popular and loved.

Kandice Destiny | Not just another sorostitute

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