The making of a documentary capturing the international student pandemic experience

As an international student living on campus during the early months of the pandemic, I felt very isolated. Creating “Millions Like Us” pulled me away from the “self-quarantine” confines of my own dorm and connected me with other Chinese international students who shared the journey with me.

| Contributing Writer

Junior Ishi Metkar to document “The Freshman Experience”

In addition to junior Ishi Metkar’s studies, she embarked on a new project for the year: following six freshmen throughout the year and documenting their experiences in a film.

| Staff Writer

Taking the Dark Knight out

If you were doing some late night studying at the Danforth University Center (DUC) a few weeks ago, you may have thought you were hallucinating when you saw Batman, Joker and other characters from “The Dark Knight” all dining together in the Orchid Room. This strange sight was no hallucination, but rather an independent film […]

| Scene Regular Features Editor

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