Vivek the Fake: Local event highlights Ramaswamy’s troubling hypocrisy

Last week’s event speaks to a greater theme in Vivek’s campaign: campaigning on one thing while displaying the exact opposite.

| Sports Editor

Editor’s Note Episode 5: Students hit the polls

In this week’s podcast, multimedia editor Jaden Satenstein speaks with two StudLife editors about voter engagement and attitudes toward the election on campus.

| Multimedia Editor

Matt’s Musings: My thoughts on the election (spoiler: not good)

Tuesday should have resulted in a blowout election where the United States of America said in one voice, “We reject this fascist, the same as we did 80 years ago in Europe.” Instead, Trump finds himself a day later with a legitimate chance of reelection.

Matt Singer | Sports Columnist

With vote pledge competition and other initiatives, student-athletes work to increase voter turnout

This year, WashU Votes has collaborated with the athletic department and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) to run a series of initiatives to help student-athletes engage with the election.

| Staff Reporter

A sports fan’s guide to election night

Senior sports editor Josh Shapiro has developed a (satirical) guide for sports fans on election night.

Josh Shapiro | Senior Sports Editor

Staff Editorial: In light of election snafu, SU needs more transparency

In light of these issues, the Student Life Editorial Board advocates for greater transparency from and within SU, and professionalism from SU toward resolving this situation and thereby ensuring future elections proceed in line with SU’s espoused values.

Oped: Breaking down the failures of the fall election and why you should care

Besides the lack of consideration and clarification in their handling of this technical difficulty, we have reasons to believe that the ballot had even more flaws than what is already known.

Aaron Arora, Jefferson Liu, Jojo Spio | Class of 2023

Debate recap: 12 angry, mostly unnecessary people

I’m sorry, but that’s just way too many people for how late in the game it is. We’re now about a year away from the election, and anyone who believes that the nomination is still a 12-person race is fooling themselves.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Joe Biden’s myth of electability

Biden is steeped in artifice, even more than most politicians.

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

Single-issue debates are a better course for the DNC

Hosting these single-issue debates would be the Democrats’ best course of action in the current state of their party.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

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