WashU Seniors Anonymously Confess Their Secrets

From testicular cancer paranoia to police interrogations, 5 WashU seniors anonymously confess their secrets from the last four years. This video is part of Student Life’s Finish Line issue, celebrating the Class of 2024 at Washington University in St. Louis as they graduate.

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Wash U Confessions administrator to step down, requests page become dormant

The Wash U Confessions administrator, junior Brian Lam, will resign his post of the Facebook forum page in February and will not pass the page along, as is per tradition.

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‘Raymond vs. Raymond’ | Usher

What happened to Usher? In 2004, the R&B singer released his hugely successful album “Confessions,” which spawned four number-one singles—“Yeah,” “Burn,” “Confessions Part II” and “My Boo.” Then, he tried to make a comeback in 2008 with “Here I Stand,” which managed to feature one number-one hit, “Love in this Club.” Now Usher has returned with his new album, “Raymond vs. Raymond,” in the hopes that he can regain his former title of R&B king. At this point, that seems highly unlikely.

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