Center for Diversity and Inclusion speaks to best practices for clubs

With the Activities Fair comes an influx of new club members, and with new members comes tha age-old question: how do clubs make sure they are inclusive of everyone who wants to join?

| Managing Scene Editor

Students organize academic strike, citing online threats and criticizing WU’s response to flag removal

Some students stayed away from campus Wednesday in solidarity with others who felt unsafe attending class, due to online Islamophobic threats.

| Managing Editor

Student groups condemn Islamophobia as College Republicans reiterates calls for Alkilani’s expulsion amid University’s silence on threats

Multiple students groups have condemned the Islamophobic comments and threats following senior Fadel Alkilani’s removal of the flags, while College Republicans have called for his expulsion.

and | Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

CDI leaders reflect on five years at Washington University, discuss plans for future

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion celebrated its fifth anniversary, with a ceremony in Tisch Commons, concluding Washington University’s Day of Dialogue & Action Feb. 19.

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Op-ed: Feeling some kind of way

Conversations—authentic exchanges between individuals—are an extremely valuable tool in advancing equity and remain a central feature of our learning environment.

Mary McKay, Lori White, Emelyn dela Pena

Op-ed: In the spring election, tell SU to value diversity and inclusion

While the last Treasury election was uncontested, this next one is not. Many of these Treasury representatives are up for re-election. So, vote. Tuesday, March 5. And vote intentionally. Don’t just approve all incumbent candidates.

Kirk Linam | Class of 2022

WU to launch Academy for Diversity and Inclusion

Washington University will launch the Academy for Diversity and Inclusion to support staff and faculty on diversity issues, as well as create a new assistant vice chancellor position to lead the academy this summer.

Kathleen White | News Editor

CDI hosts event to discuss white supremacy on college campuses

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion hosted a meeting, timed with racial conflicts occurring in St. Louis and across the country, to discuss white supremacy on campus open to Washington University students, faculty and staff Oct. 5.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Reporter

Posters in promotion of white supremacist group found in Village

Posters promoting “Identity Evropa”—a white supremacist group that attempts to spread its message primarily on college campuses—were found in and around the Village last Monday.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

Center for Diversity and Inclusion adds new assistant dean role

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, now in its third year on Washington University’s campus, has created a new assistant dean for inclusion and engagement position and has hired Dr. Christi Smith to fill the post.

| Senior News Editor

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